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There comes a time in every young evangelical’s life when he must roll up his sleeves, raise the black flag, and commence destroying his secular music.

Christian culture is sure there’s a way to be cool and be a Christian at the same time. They just don’t know what that way is exactly.

Bumpers and rear windows across America are rife with stickers of Calvin either peeing or praying.

The iPad has sparked widespread dismay but fortunately for Apple, Christian culture is unaffected. Christians who identify as emergent and/or relevant can’t wait to get an iPad of their very own.

Christian culture isn’t exactly known for having good style but bless their hearts, they sure try.

This means of proseletyzing is very popular within some segments of Christian culture. It is available in many forms: t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, mousepads, pencil holders, coffee mugs, keychains and innumerable other solid objects, including mints.