Stuff Christian Culture Likes
November 2010 Archives

Nothing gives your sermons that extra something quite like visual aids. They’re the only kind of AIDS Christian culture openly embraces.

Atheists don’t get much clemency from Christian culture. They are generally thought to be misguided and inclined to despair.

Elisabeth Elliot is an exalted figure amongst evangelicals. They regard her with similar reverence which with Catholics regard the Virgin Mary.

The considerable loss of innocent life during war doesn’t seem to strike Christian culture as any sort of inconsistency.

The dry wedding is the standard sort of wedding in Christian culture.

The worship leader wants to strum. To do this he needs an acoustic guitar, but they’re hard to mic without getting a lot of god-awful feedback.

This is the complete inverse of waiting to kiss until your wedding day.

Who does this? Well, a lot of Christians do.