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Replacement swear words are a key component of the Christian culture vernacular. The Christian who aspires to be relevant is often particularly fond of saying “freaking” while talking about the things of God. They feel it is risky, but not so much so it would actually make God mad. To really say the eff word would be going WAY TOO FAR.

Some common manifestations of freaking in Christian culture include:

“God is just so freaking awesome!!!!!!!”
“God blew the freakin’ doors off the tomb!”
“I love Jesus and there is not a freaking thing you can do about it!”
“Andy Stanley pastors a freaking huge church.”
“Do you frickin’ believe the Word of God?”
“The devil doesn’t need a freakin’ advocate…he’s doing pretty well all
by himself.”
“Our new church website is so freakin’ cool looking! (I’ve gotta quit
saying freakin’, I’m a freakin’ pastor for crying out loud!)”

When a pastor uses “freaking” from the pulpit or in his blog he expects to get some disgruntled feedback from some older stodgy legalists, but he considers this minor collateral damage compared to the young souls he will influence for Christ by speaking their language. Dawg.

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