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October 2010 Archives

Christian culture feels the recent anti-bullying legislation is a subversive means to infiltrate the vulnerable younger generation with the homosexual agenda.

Lots of churches have banned Harry Potter books and costumes, should you be attending a Halloween-alternative fall festival.

Replacement swear words are a key component of the Christian culture vernacular.

There comes a time in every young evangelical’s life when he must roll up his sleeves, raise the black flag, and commence destroying his secular music.

As evangelical churches vie to become bigger by use of business tactics, they’re outgrowing their buildings. As such, the multi-site church has sprung whole from the American business model.

Christian culture thinks yoga is a gate to the fires of hell.

Anyone who has ever been moved by the pithy Chesterton quote or pastoral challenge to Do Something wants to issue quotes and challenges themselves.

This is Jim. He could become a member of your church if you play your cards right.

They were once worn only by McDonald’s drive-thru workers and Britney Spears, but now microphone headsets are becoming a standard fixture on non-denominational pastors.