Stuff Christian Culture Likes
August 2010 Archives

There is an unwritten rule in Christian culture that pastor’s wives do not work outside the home.

This is a fun little catchphrase that every pastor keeps chambered. He uses it after saying something he imagines was startling.

Much of American Christian culture opposes the plans for a mosque to be built at Ground Zero.

Who wants visit a boring-looking church with lame fonts and hymnals?

Jim Elliot is now blisteringly famous within Christian culture for being a martyr of the faith.

The quiet time is a hallowed institution in Christian culture.

“Awesome” is Christian culture’s favorite adjective for God. It’s their default descriptor when speaking of him.

Christian culture is historically known for leaving a gospel tract when they tip in restaurants.

With the overturning of Proposition 8, Christian culture is certain the end times are upon us.

Christian culture likes to display their families in stick-figure effigy on their vans and SUVs