Stuff Christian Culture Likes
July 2010 Archives

Christian culture is the only demographic to employ the term “faith-walk.”

The evangelical pastor conducts unscientific polls from the pulpit, and the evangelical congregation consistently responds in the affirmative.

Christian culture loves this movie. It is the only R-rated movie they heartily endorse.

Wow, that book is essential? Do you have any documentation on that?

Bumpers and rear windows across America are rife with stickers of Calvin either peeing or praying.

Christians are preoccupied with this subject, perhaps to the point of obsession.

Churches that fancy themselves relevant, missional and/or emergent either already have an iPhone app or are working on one as we speak.

After singing the chorus nine times in a row, the worship team likes to kick it up a notch.

For all this talk about purity, the gray areas are not discussed.

A current phenomenon in Christian culture is for church leaders to speak with a certain cadence and inflection.