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March 2010 Archives

An interesting paradox in Christian culture takes place this time of year. Christian culture normally doesn’t endorse graphic depictions of violence, but come Eastertide they rent The Passion of the Christ” and encourage their children to draw pictures of the crucifixion.

Christian culture tends to omit the word “out” from the term “hanging out.” They just “hang.”

With Barack Obama as president, Christian culture is certain the end times are upon us.

PDA takes a specific form in the church pew. When a married couple sits together in church it’s understood that the husband will put his arm around the wife and keep it there until it’s time to grab a hymnal.

Christian culture is rather unhappy about the proposals for healthcare reform.

Oh, to be an emergent Christian on St. Patrick’s Day. You get to tweet and blog about the missional relevance of St. Patrick, and missional relevance is your favorite subject.

When the pastor finishes the sermon and says “Let’s close in prayer,” this is usually the band’s cue to sneak silently back onstage.

People become tired of getting bruised in mosh pit, thus reversion to a newer gentler pogo, which is now suitable for CCM.

Most Christian churches don’t have a problem disclosing their financial records to whomever asks. They make it a point to provide a record of every cent they give away and how much is spent on materials and staff salaries. Other churches aren’t that forthcoming. Like the Mormons, they have pretty tight control over their financial disclosure policies.

The worship leader is into it and he hopes you are too.