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Christian culture advocate Kirk Cameron aka Mike Seaver released a statement after his lovable compadre Andrew Koenig aka Boner passed away. “At a time like this, we are all reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination.”

What more relevant way to encourage and shepherd your flock than via fan page? These are created either by members of their church or by the pastor himself masquerading as a member of the church.

As the Christian side hug gains notoriety, another type of hug seems to be evolving.

Now you can air any grievances about the blog layout and stuff.

When couples in Christian culture get engaged they are encouraged to keep their engagement short. The engagement period is considered a ticking time bomb because of the difficulty of “staying pure.”

Christians feeling superior to each other is a smug little tendency that’s old as dirt.

Evangelicals don’t do Lent. If you ask one of them what Lent is about, there is an excellent chance they won’t be able to tell you. To them it’s a Catholic thing.

That pesky shadow of doubt thwarts people at every turn. If only it didn’t exist. Christian culture in particular would like to evolve past it and, as such, they bring it up a lot.

Evangelicals love Tim Tebow, so they love his mom by proxy. She’s like the evangelical Virgin Mary.

The iPad has sparked widespread dismay but fortunately for Apple, Christian culture is unaffected. Christians who identify as emergent and/or relevant can’t wait to get an iPad of their very own.