Stuff Christian Culture Likes
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Christian culture has a tenuous relationship with movies. Even PG movies have no shortage of cursing, violence and innuendo, and it’s hard to appreciate the movie as a whole with all that thrown in.

Memorial Day doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus, but Christian culture sure does get behind it.

Christian culture isn’t known for their environmental activism. In fact, they aren’t on board with it much at all.

Men in Christian culture often have giant man-crushes on Bono. Pastors who wish to be emergent/relevant sometimes quote him in sermons and work in a U2 lyric mention when they can.

Most of the blog comments left here that defend Christian culture are signed anonymous. It’s a fact.

Christian culture enjoys coffeehouse culture and likes to open coffeehouses as a way to minister to the populace by providing a place to convene. Sometimes this is described as “outreach” to the “community.” The Christian coffeehouse can first be identified […]