Stuff Christian Culture Likes
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This means of proseletyzing is very popular within some segments of Christian culture. It is available in many forms: t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, mousepads, pencil holders, coffee mugs, keychains and innumerable other solid objects, including mints.

Christian culture talks a great deal about being “under attack.” God is under attack, truth is under attack, the gospel is under attack, one-man-one-woman marriage is under attack, the right to life is under attack, the right to worship is under attack. This is interesting because it’s laid out pretty clearly in the Bible that truth will constantly be under attack until the day of Christ’s return. It says there will be no letting up.

This font is everywhere, to be sure. In the secular realm it is used in coffee shops menus, yoga studios, camping supply stores and on Thai restaurant signage.

Many married Christian men frequently state that their wife is hot. On Facebook, in Christmas letters and in their blog profiles, Christian guys make a point of saying this. A lot.