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Christians aren’t so sure about celebrating a holiday that revolves around demons and evil. Many of them do research about Halloween’s origins and decide they don’t want to celebrate what orginated as a pagan holiday. Christmas originated as a pagan holiday too, but churches really get into the full swing of Christmas. For Halloween, Christian culture likes to offer an alternative, and that is called a Fall Festival. The community/grace/baptist/non-denominational warehouse church’s website will say “who says Christians can’t have fun on Halloween?” and then proceed to describe its fall festival.

A godly woman mans the Harvesting Our Blessings booth.

What are you in store for at a fall festival? Hay bales, cornucopias, and pear-shaped people wearing overalls and straw hats are guaranteed. More than likely there will be a beanbag toss, bowls of Werther’s Original candy, and a plywood board with scarecrows painted on it that you can stick your face through and take pictures. The church elders will wear rope belts and bob for apples, trying to be good sports when they really want to be home watching the world series.

The pastor will stick his head through here for a zany picture at some point tonight.

The elders’ wives will be busy holding the kids’ Bible costume contest. A few rogue kids will be dressed as Disney characters instead of Bible characters but they will never be dressed as something “worldly” like a witch, a devil, or Harry Potter.

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