Stuff Christian Culture Likes
August 2008 Archives

All-white meat, made by Christians, for Christians. It’s the best fast food in the free world*, too bad it’s closed on Sundays.

Talking about John Calvin makes many Christians feel sophisticated and avant-garde. Theology students who begin required reading of Calvin fall in love with him and his four (sometimes five) spiritual laws.

Success. In all areas of life. As a pastor, it’s all about church size, relevance, and impact. If your church is big, you must be doing something right and you become an expert/celebrity and you speak at conferences and write books and tell people to do it your way.

The Fox network ranks A number-one with most Christians when it comes to getting their news. It is their very favorite.

Christians also enjoy country music, especially “new” country, and they all like Johnny Cash since he was a Christian, however gritty. They don’t like rap. Same goes for R&B and hip hop.

This question is as acutely personal as asking “How’s sex with your wife?” and yet many Christians feel entitled to casually ask it of each other.

Christian culture enjoys a catchy quip on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. These quips are intended to provoke and possibly shame their reader.

You never meet a Christian culture couple who says they don’t want to have any kids. This does not occur in nature.

Christian culture members by and large identify themselves as Republicans. The importance of doing this seems to be on par with believing Jesus died on the cross for your sins.

Churches need to attract people. They need to be cool. It seems they think the message of Christ’s grace is not enough on its own, it must be accompanied by worship music played to tracks, preachers who offer sermon series such as “The Pathway of Peace”, and services that last 58 minutes. (Other words in the relevant lexicon include “emergent,” “resurgent,”
“missional,” and “authentic.”)