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The Catholic Church praised Obama’s executive order banning torture (full text here). Said Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of Albany, chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace:

“Based upon the teachings of the Catholic Church, our Conference of Bishops welcomes the executive order. Together with other religious leaders, we had pressed for this step to protect human dignity and help restore the moral and legal standing of the United States in the world. A ban on torture says much about us – who we are, what we believe about human life and dignity, and how we act as a nation.”

And, care of Faith in Public life, below is a statement from other religious groups.
Conspiculously absent so far: conservative evangelicals:
Evangelicals for Human Rights: “The president has implicitly but clearly recognized today that the aberrant detainee and interrogation policies of the last seven years in fact damaged our national security, harmed our foreign policy interests, and violated core principles of justice… While we celebrate today, there is more to do…We need a religious and moral accounting, not just a legal one.”
National Religious Campaign Against Torture: “The religious community has labored faithfully for three years to end U.S.-sponsored torture. We are grateful today for this important step. The dark, dark days of the past are behind us, and we all must work to make sure they never return again. ”
Rabbis for Human Rights North America: “Torture is not a subject term. It dishonors the image of God found in every person. Today, we can say that the United States is on the right path to restoring our moral standing. I am proud of the role that the Jewish community has played in bringing about this important day for American values.”
Faithful America: “We commend the president for taking this important toward step toward restoring morality and justice to our treatment of detainees.”

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