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Steven Waldman

Conservative Angst About Obama’s Selection of Rick Warren

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Though conservatives are excited that Barack Obama seems to have infuriated gay activists, I suspect they’re privately a bit worried about the Warren pick.
Obama supporters fear that the invitation offers legitimacy to Warren and his anti-gay-marriage views — but some conservatives wonder whether Warren’s presence provides some legitimacy to the Obama presidency.
Nicole Russell of American Spectator complained, “Holding a forum forcing Obama to discuss his views is one thing. Supporting him publicly by praying/speaking at his inauguration is another. Frankly, this is a spineless move on Warren’s part.”
The Family Research Council opined, “Let’s hope that Rick Warren will use his channel of communication to the new President to press him for more pro-family policies-rather than simply being used by Mr. Obama to make political inroads with evangelicals.”
David Brody at Christian Broadcasting Network reports he’s been inundated with email from angry conservative Christians.
And over at the very conservative online community Free Republic posters lashed out at Warren with as much anger as gays who critiized Obama:


Rick Warren should recuse himself from this ministerial assignment. Obama is a pro-abort extremist. That is hardly a position worth a blessing from a Christian pastor.
— by obamaisandrogynous
Pray for them, yes! try to convert them, yes! Recognize their authority over you, yes!
Support them and give them credence, no! Rick Warren is their to just cover up the smell. Front man and a shill for a corrupt presidency.
–by dirtymac
Methinks Mr. Warren’s pride is getting the better of him. Giving the invocation at a presidential inauguration IS a big deal, but I’m sure that standing before Jesus on Judgement Day will make it seem less than trivial.
–by MrB
Rick Warren is one of those new age, book author, get rich thanks to Jesus like Joel Osteen – TV pastors. I thought Warren was decent but he is a phony.
–by Frantzie
Pop star preachers love fame and the company of other pop stars more than they love Christ. Avoid them and their churches.
–by pallis
Obama supports late term abortion and the killing of babies that survive abortions. That is infanticide. For Rick Warren to give the invocation at Obama’s inauguration proves Warren is no true Christian. May he be shunned forever.
— by jrooney
This is despicable.
–by trisham
Geez…the False Prophet swearing in the Anti-Christ…how nice.
–by ravingnutter
What Obama has in mind is to use religious socialists to move his socialist agenda.
–by stockpirate
Disgusting duplicity on Rick’s part. Perhaps Pastor Warren didn’t comprehend the signifigance of his own question he asked of the affirmative action fraud at Saddeleback forum. He certainly could not comprehend the depth of deceit in Obama’s response … surely. Seems Warren is more concerned with his own empowerment than the truth of LIFE. Satan has lots of help in that regard …
–by MHGinTN

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posted December 18, 2008 at 8:36 pm

This article is too funny, perhaps after Rick Warren reads it he’ll have another take on what he subscribes to.
The other funny is the fact the “right” think Warren gives Obama legitimacy!
Maybe these people were dropped off by UFOS years ago, they seem to talk another language from the Christian people I was brought up around. šŸ˜‰

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posted December 18, 2008 at 11:16 pm

Give me a break? Wasn’t it Jesus who hung with the theives, winebibers and tax collecters… the comments you guys are posting make you sound like the other guys… The Phariesees…
Stop judging both of these men…. Obama is a professed Christian… who are you to say he isn’t? Rick is a wise man who are you to question his decisions? Why would you not want a man as wise, centered and balanced as Rick Warren to be heard by the whole nation….
Stop trying to box God in and try doing what the scripture says pray for your leaders and those who rule over you.

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Your Name

posted December 19, 2008 at 5:34 am

Sharon got it right, While i did not vote for Obama, he won the election.!! The lord tell us in his word to pray for our leaders. His sins like mine and yours will find him out! If there was a president that needed prayers it is Obama. what has heppened to this country in the christian circle is worse than the election results. 1 in 3 Catholics voted for him. and guessing most Christians ended up doing the same seeing the sizable margian he won by. God has the power to move Obama if we would all pray for Gods wil but we are too busy acting like Gods damming our own country. remember the def.of Love in the bible. and yes Jesus came to set the captives free. i am wondering about how many Christians are actualy captive today.

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Corey Mondello

posted December 19, 2008 at 9:52 am

I heard an interview with Steven Waldman’s on the radio this morning.
The topic, Rick Warren and Obama’s decision to have him speak at his inauguration.
I did a quick search for what an ā€œinvocationā€ is.
Wikipedia gave me this: ā€œAn invocation (from the Latin verb invocare “to call on, invoke”) may take the form of: Supplication or prayer. A form of possession, Command or conjuration. Self-identification with certain spirits.ā€
So it is a religious thing.
I wonder who Mr. Warren will invoke?
Jesus, the Creator, a Higher Power, the Universe, the All Knowing?
How about Allah?
Somehow I think Jesus will be the only name we hear.
Showing people in America or all other faiths, or none at all, they are not welcome and they are not worthy. Only when they believe in this ā€œJesusā€ will they be equal.
I understand many religious people have been invited by both Democrats and Republicans to provide the invocationā€¦but have any of the Democrats had someone who believes gay marriage is the same as incest?
I doubt it.
How about someone who does not believe in evolution?
I doubt that also.
Obama not only supports the every so abused ā€œFaith based initiativesā€, those abused mainly by George W. Bush, he intends on expanding them, which will make his new friend, Rick Warren very happy.
Now I know I have heard that Rick Warren had invited Obama to speak at his church.
Did you catch the apologist move there?
It WAS NOT TO SPEAK, it was to debate John McCain.
To read the full version, please visit:

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posted December 24, 2008 at 1:23 pm

When one speaks out about God’s opinions, endorsing or damning, approving or disapproving, allowing or disallowing, they should have heard from God, Himself before making such declarations. To hear from Him is available, if we take the time, the dedication and the energy, and the faith to pray and seek His face. I see many presumptuous statements, made as if they were actually God’s heart. When He has shown His heart it has been rejected by many of the posters because they wanted their own unwise desires fulfilled. God is all powerful and omnipotent. He has had His way. Those who truly sought His face knew what would happen long before it happened and the reasons for it, and are glad God had His way, for the good of God’s people in this country. Pray, rather than sulk. Bless rather than curse. Look for God’s purpose rather than tear apart. Be an agent to build, and be a blessing. Do not kick against the pricks. Allow God to bless you for speaking for good rather than for evil.

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