Spirit Junkie

I recently had one of those days where I felt overtired, overworked and overcooked? Rather than succumb to my ego’s desire to drink an espresso and charge forward with my work day, I chose to listen to my ~ing and take a fiver. Taking a fiver is an old-school Gabby tool that I turn to often. A fiver is the simple exercise of stepping away from whatever you’re doing to take a five minute break and recalibrate your thoughts and energy. You can take five minutes for deep breathing, five minutes for a cup of tea, a five minute walk around the corner etc. It’s that simple! Sometimes a fiver is all we need to invite spirit back into our day and allow a miraculous shift to occur. Today when you’re ready for a fiver watch this vlog:)

I recorded this vlog right before I visited my guru in Brazil. It had been four years since I visited the holy site in Brazil where my guru practices his miraculous healing. My trip inspired me to vlog about the importance of embracing our spiritual teachers. I am a true believer that when “the student is ready the teacher appears.” In 2008 I was ready for another spiritual awakening and my willingness to grow guided me to Brazil. When you’re willing to deepen your spiritual connection the Universe will plant the perfect teachers in your lap. Pay attention to those teachers and show up for their support. In the comments below share something you’ve learned from your spiritual teachers.

The Universe is an ocean of abundance. We can attract this abundance or we can deflect it. It’s our job to recalibrate our energy so we can be a magnet for miracles and a super attractor. Ths vlog will teach you how to connect to loving energy, shed more fear and dial up your attracting power.

For more on this topic watch Gabrielle’s Dialed Up Lecture on Manifestation CLICK HERE.

At the age of twenty-five I learned a major lesson. I came to realize that all the love, freedom and success I was seeking wasn’t going to come from a romantic partner, a ton of money or a high powered credential. Happiness was something I had to connect to within myself. This is the opposite of what I had been taught. I’d learned from the world around me that in order to “have it all” we needed money, romance and success. That programming led me to some pretty low bottoms in life. Luckily I finally hit a hard enough bottom to turn inward and reconnect with my true source of happiness. In this vlog I’ll set you on a path towards shifting your search for happiness inward. Then on Thursday, June 9th I’m offering a free tele-class called “3 Keys to Having it All, Love, Freedom & Success.” If you’re ready to end your outside search and fearlessly turn inward watch this vlog and join me on the 9th:)