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As I look outside at the trees with their leaves turning red,orange, and yellow; I just want to cry.  I am so NOT ready for winter.  I want the flowers to keep blooming and the sun to keep warming my […]

Last summer my husband had a total hip replacement.  Then in the fall, he had a knee replacement.  As a result, our yard and flower beds were terribly neglected.  It was all I could do to take out the garbage […]

This week is National Volunteer Week.  Volunteering is a wonderful way to serve your community and make a difference in the lives of those around you.  Jesus did a lot of volunteering, but He called it ministry.  Have you ever […]

I believe that God has a purpose for each of us.  There is no child born without a God-given plan for his/her life.  It is our responsibility to learn what that purpose is and pursue it with all our heart. […]

  Have you ever had a day when everything that could go wrong did?  Well, I have had that kind of week.  My husband had knee surgery a few days ago and is in a rehab center now.  He probably […]

We had the most beautiful red maple tree when we lived out on the farm.  It was just gorgeous in the fall.  I noticed a few months ago that they had cut it down.  Apparently it’s  branches were too close […]

     I love to scrapbook.  I do it whenever I have a few minutes to spare.  I have all kinds of punches, stickers, ribbons, button, brads, and numeruos other tools.  To me scrapbooking is a great way yo relax and […]