Small Town America

     I have never understood the logic behind Daylight Savings Time.  Most of our nation uses it.  We all set our clocks and watches forward one hour in the spring and backwards one hour in the fall.  I do understand that this will change  the times of the sunrise and sunset.   I have always been told that this is done to give the farmers and extra hour of daylight to work in the fields and that children don’t have to wait at the bus stop in the mornings in darkness.  While this may be true, I fail to see the purpose.  God gives us 24 hours in every day.  It doesn’t matter what we do to the clocks, we still have 24 hours every day.  We can slice it any way we like, but it’s still only 24 hours.

     This year is the earliest we have ever moved to Daylight Savings Time.  We moved the clocks ahead on March 13, 2011.  It takes my internal clock about a week to adjust to this change.  I wake up every morning at 7:00am, without an alarm.  Now I wake up at 8:00am.  That means I start each day already an hour behind.

     When I was a child I waited many mornings in the dark.  The only thing that caused me to be fearful were my older brothers, who likedto jump from behind the bushes.  This darkness had no lasting negative effects on me.  I know our society has many other issues concerning our children and I don’t mean to make light of that, but there will always be something to fear.

     I say if the farmers want an extra hour to work, let them get up an hour earlier.  Why should we all have to adjust our lives twice a year to accommodate a few.?  If you have a good explanation, please let me know.

  Christians struggle with all types of depression in the same way unbelievers do.  It ‘s puzzling for some to understand this.  One shouldn’t be depressed if they believe in Jesus.  One should be able to “Cast their burdens upon the Lord”(Psalm 55:22)  We should all gain victory through prayer and supplication to God.

    Have you heard this before? I have.  I have known many preachers to opening claim that if  you are in right standing with God, you CANNOT be depressed.  Therefore, if you do show symptoms of clinical depression, there must be sin in your life, or you are lacking in faith, or your are demon oppressed.

     I do have an Associates Degree in Social Services and Counseling, but that in no way qualifies me to diagnose depression.  But, I do know there are many causes that may result in the same depressive symptoms.  Some depression can be caused by demonic influence, if that is the case you need deliverance.  Some depression can be caused by extreme loss of family, friends, or even money.  Counseling will help with this, as well as prayer. PTSD from a past trauma can be blamed for much of the depression Christians suffer.  Here again, counseling and prayer may be all you need.

     Some depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  This type tends to run in families and will need medication to restore the deficient chemicals to the brain. When this is determined to be the cause of a Christian’s depression, there is some controversy in regards to treatment.  Many feel that Christians should’t need to take medication, but should be able to rely solely on prayer and counseling.

     When a person is told they have diabetes, it ‘s because their body isn’t producing enough insulin.  Insulin is a chemical that should naturally be sufficient in our bodies.  Unfortunately, some people need to take medicine to control the sugar levels in their blood.  I am diabetic and I take lots of pills and insulin to control my blood sugar.

     I believe that same is true with depression.  If your doctor confirms that it is a chemical imbalance that is causing your depression, then why not take medication to bring those chemicals back into balance?  If this medication doesn’t help, then look for another cause.

     Can God sovereignly heal all types of depression?  Of course He can!  He is God!  Can prayer heal a chemical imbalance?  Yes it can!  But, sometimes God allows us to go the more difficult route to get to our destination.  He doesn’t always remove the rock from our path.  Sometimes we have to go around it, or climb over it, or break it into more manageable pieces.

    So, let’s not be judge and jury to those who suffer from depression.  We need to help  find the right solution for them.  We need to encourage, not condemn.  We should love and comfort instead of acting as if we have all the answers.  After all, what would Jesus do?  I  believe He would love them unconditionally and encourage them to find the right solution for them.


Have you ever noticed that ivy grows in areas that have seen no recent activity?  This silo has been standing empty for years and now can barely be recognized because of the ivy.  Ivy in some places is beautiful, but almost always needs to be left undisturbed to grow in fullness.

Ivy often grows up the sides of old houses or stores.  Of course most of these places have not recently been washed, sand blasted or painted.  I have not had much luck growing ivy.  I always seem to disturb it before it gets a good hold on the surface.

Mold grows on old bread.  Moss grows on stationary stones.  Ivy grows on neglected buildings.  What grows on dormant Christians?  What makes a Christian dormant?

Whenever something becomes self centered and self absorbed, it will go dormant.  When it is more interested in being self serving, than contributing to the greater good, it loses its purpose.  Whether we talk about people or inanimate objects, the same is true.  If a bike is not ridden, it will rust and eventually be useless.  If a house is left in disrepair, it will deteriorate and become unsafe to live in.   If a person, Christian or not, becomes self absorbed and stops caring about others, they too will end up useless.

God never intended us to sit around and contribute nothing to the building of the kingdom.  I don’t think He meant for any of us to be spiritual couch potatoes.  Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,and  glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

James 2:14-17 also talks about faith and works going hand in hand.  One without the other is useless.  We all have a purpose and a calling that was determined before we were born into this world.  It is our responsibility to find that and pursue it with all our hearts.  We cannot allow ourselves to stay dornment and let the world pass us by.  Soon we will be overgrown with spiritual moss and ivy.  The we will be of no use to anyone, not even ourselves.