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What Happened to Freedom of Religion?

In August of 2011 President Obama put into law a ruling that has caused the Catholic Church to be concerned.  In his attempt to overhaul the health care system in America, he put into motion a law that requires all employers to provide birth control products as part of their medical coverage.  This law is to take effect in August of 2013.

For most people this isn’t a big deal, but for those who believe  all forms of birth control, including abortions is against their religious beliefs.  This law will apply to all Catholic hospitals, as well as any non-profit organizations and colleges or schools.  All of these employees will be offered birth control, free of charge and with no co-pay.

The window of exemption from this law is so small that only a few people can qualify for it.  The Catholic Church, from its very beginning, has said that the use of birth control is wrong.  This puts them in direct opposition to what they believe is God’s command.


The first biblical reference to birth control in in Genesis 38:8-10.  When Onan allowed his sperm to fall to the ground to prevent impregnating Tamar, God became so angry that He killed Onan.  That would cause me to think that God is against birth control.

I am not Catholic and I don’t think that birth control is nessecarily wrong, unless it is after conception.  Abortion is murder in my view and we all know that isn’t a good thing.  We are told in Romans 13:1-7  that we are to render to the government what is due them and render to God what is Gods.  We are to obey the laws of our nation……UNLESS they conflict with God’s law; or what we believe to be God’s will for us.

There are many other examples of religious beliefs over ruling the law of the land.  The Amish don’t pay taxes, they think it’s a sin to own a car, they have a very strict dress code and many other beliefs that we think are unusual.  BUT… the law does NOT require them to pay taxes, or wear certain clothes or stop riding in a horse draw buggy.  Some laws make special accommodations for Muslims or Mormons, why not the Catholic church?


If we are free to believe and practice any religion in America, then why try to force people to go against their personal convictions?  Where is the separation of church and state?  We aren’t allowed to sing Christian songs at Christmas, lest we offend someone of another belief, yet we should be forced to obey a law that so violates the very core of Christianity?

No man or government has the right to force an indiviual, or organization to act in violation of their personal convictions and beliefs.  If we allow this to happen, we will no longer be a nation who offers freedom of religion.

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    There is a big difference between a group that wants to keep to itself (the Amish) and a group (the Catholic Church for one) that wants the rest of the world to bow down to their belief system and only make laws the group approves of.

    The kicker in all of this Faux Outrage by the Catholic Church is that something like 80% of the Catholic Hospitals and Service organizations (that take taxpayer dollars to fund their “charity”), is that that their insurance already offered birth control. Even the self insured organizations.

    There are documented reports of some of them STOPPING insurance coverage once the Faux Outrage was ordered by the Holy See.

    This is part of the problem with Organized Religions of the size of the Catholic Church.

    You as an individual may not want an abortion and that is your choice, but YOU as an individual do not get to ordain what some other individual chooses to do.

    You may not want to marry a person of your same gender, but YOU do not get to tell other people what they can and cannot do. we are all Americans in this country and we all are granted the basic civil right to live our lives as we will. your (possible?) disapproval is not relevant, legal or constitutional under the basic Constitutional premise that All Men are Created Equal.

    Add to that all the crimes committed against society by members and leaders of some of these Organized Cults and you can see why those who are not religious object to them trying to control our political and legal systems.

    Please understand when I post this that I am not just trashing the Catholic Church, all the organized mega-cults have the same problems, the Catholics are just the current big news leaders because of their determined attempts to take over the laws of this country.

    The Catholic Church is the largest land owner in the world. They own, publicly, the largest collection of stolen art in the world. The Vatican Bank has an economy equal to the State of California which is the 3rd largest economy in the world.

    The Catholic Church is the largest “charity” group to receive funds from the U.S. government (taxpayer funds) but they do not wish to abide by Secular law.

    Taxes that are paid by Muslims, Baptists, and Atheists are part of that funding so why should, in accordance with Catholic thinking, they be made to pay tax dollars to a different religion? Catholics do not want to abide by secular law so why should an atheist abide by catholic law?

    Charity is considered a “pillar” of all major religions, yet nowhere in the Bible, Torah, or Koran does it say that charity will only happen if you get a tax break or free government money.

    If those churches truly believed in charity for the sake of their god, they would not be so hell bent on demanding government funds. they would use their own money to do their “good works”. That should trigger you to understand that these charities are really money making businesses.

    As an FYI current tax law says that a not-for-profit can keep 90 Cents out of every dollar for “overhead” like salaries, perks, property, advertising. Check out guidestar or charity navigator if you want to see who keeps what percentage of their charity take and who actually uses it effectively.

    To me, and really to most people, the general idea of Charity is a giving of yourself and your resources to those less fortunate. That comes with an underlying belief that the giver does not expect to get any financial benefit from it, though they may do it for a personal spiritual benefit.

    Yet this is not how the mega groups want it to be. They want the free government money but don’t want to abide by the rules they don’t like.

    I for one do not agree with the wild and wooly way not-for-profits can make fortunes off the charitable donations of otherwise good people.

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