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Today we celebrate the winning of our independence  from England.  We all know the history here, the declaration of independence, the unfair taxes placed on the colonies, the Revolutionary War that finally brought us our freedom.  Today we enjoy the holiday from work, the family bar-b-ques, and fireworks displays.  It gives us an excuse to party with our family and friends.

The movie, “The Patriot”, is the best portrayal of the actual events that I have ever seen.  What a sacrifice our forefathers made to win our freedom from the massive hold of England.  What unusual ways of fighting battles, and what a terrible loss of life and property.  What a life changing experience.  The American people would never be the same.

Our remembrance of that great day has been a bit lame in most parts of our nation.  We decorate with all kinds and styles of flags and wear  RED,WHITE, and BLUE clothing.  We have parades and celebrations with patriotic music and games.  Our independence is a good thing, when referring to our nations relationship with England.  But, independence isn’t aways the best way to go.

Webster states that being independent is to not be under the control of others; not relying on others opinions, and not looking to others for guidance.  It means that we can take care of ourselves and don’t need someone else to make our decisions.  It means we don’t depend on others for anything.  We can do it all and be it all.  We can stand alone.

Wanting to be independent from God is not a wise choice.  It’s a very dangerous stand to take.  We are dependant on God whether we like it or not.  He provides for us, whether we admit it or not.  He speaks to us in many ways to give his wisdom and guidance to our decisions.

I find it comforting to depend on God.  He is my ‘soft place to land’ when the world crowds in on me.  He is my Rock and my Strength, my High Tower and Defender.  He knows everything about me and loves me unconditionally.  Why would anyone want to be independent of that?

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