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I am always looking for new ways to bring joy into our lives.  This blog is more about laughter than true joy, but maybe I will get you to chuckle a bit.    My oldest son, Matt, and his family usually come home for Thanksgiving and then we do our Christmas with them on the next day.  This year we got a little crazy with the Christmas bows.

Matt, like his father, is slowly losing his hair.  We began  plopping brightly colored bows on the balding areas of his head.  Actually, they looked pretty cute.  The red, blue, and Gold ribbons gave new sparkle  to His demeaner.

God’s word tells us that the very hairs of our head are counted and known by Him. (Matthew 10:30)  I wonder if God was counting the bows on Matt’s head.  I know this is just silly talk, but family gatherings are all about fun and laughter and I feel so blessed to share time with my children and grandchildren.

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