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Pole Dancing For Jesus

     I heard on the news a few weeks ago that a woman in a small town in Texas had started a group called Pole Fitness for Jesus.  The idea is to use pole dancing as a form worship and keeping shape.  I have to say, I didn’t believe my ears.  How could anything as sensual as pole dancing  be a Christian activity?

     After checking online to see exactly what they were talking about, I have to at least consider it.  It is done in a private gym and to only Christian music.  The women dress in modest workout clothes, nothing flimsy or sexy.  They wear shorts and tank tops.  One sees much more skin at the beach.  Their movements are graceful and almost acrobatic.  After all it is God who created our bodies and said we should present them as a living sacrifice unto Him.(Romans 12:1)


     Each woman interviewed said she felt closer to God when dancing.  They meet one afternoon each month and it is free.  They all look at it as a form of worship.  We have dancers at our church.  They wear beautiful long flowing gowns when they perform a special dance for the church.  During regular worship on Sunday mornings, they must be dressed modestly so as not to distract other worshippers.  Many times the dances are choreographed to interpret the song being song by the congregation.

     Psalm 149:3 says, “Let them praise His name with dancing.  Let them praise His namewith the timbrel and lyre.”  The Bible also tells of King David dancing befor the Lord when the Ark of the Covenant was returned to Jerusalem.

     I think we each need to come to our own conclusions in this matter, but it’s not our pplace to judge others. We cannot know what is in an other’s heart.  We each have our own personal convictions regarding many things.  I believe this is a very personal thing.

  • Observer

    She feels closer to god… but not the God All mighty. This is deception at its best!!!

  • Robert Belton

    Be not deceived God is not mocked!!! I understand but we need only God way and plan to help save souls. Remember God ways are not our ways nor is his thoughts, His ways and thoughts are far higher and greater, Why is it when it comes to the Bible we compromise with God, God said so is the way, Please study your Bible Do not read it only, Speak where the Bible Speaks and Be silent where the Bible is silient.

  • Vivian Moniz

    A Woman Caught in Adultery,

    John 8:1-11; 11 “No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”

    “Jesus Christ did not Ever say Go Improvise your Act or do in a Decent manner”. “He said you are forgiven But Don’t do it any more”.

    Surely, Christ Forgives us our sins if we confess them to Him; Because He has that Authority as He is God.

    So what about 2Samuel 6: 9-20

    (“Please Do not Miss-Quote the Scriptures; God did not commanded King David to do such a thing”)

    David had pleased all the multitude of Israel, but Michal was not pleased with his dancing before the ark.

    I. When she saw David in the street dancing before the Lord she despised him in her heart, 2 Samuel 6:16

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jon

    Quite simply, the Bible clearly States several things:

    1. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. No sin is greater or lesser than any other.

    2. Judge NOT lest you will be judged.

    3. God looks at the heart. Many art forms have been perverted from their God-intended purposes. If the pole were horizontal, would it be sin? No, it would be gymnastics. Everyone views everything through there social paradigm. God does NOT.

    In the end…it really doesn’t matter what any of us think. It is between each individual participating and God. Who of us is without sin? Let THEM cast the first stone.

    Worship is an attitude of the heart. How it is executed is between the Creator and HIS creation.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Diane Hanny

    It looks as if I have opened a can of worms. That certainly was not my intent. My point was that we don’t have the right to judge others. I probably would never pole dance, but that doesn’t give me the right to condemn those who do.
    Jesus says in Luke 6:37 “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not and you will not be comdemned, forgive and you will be forgiven.”
    I see the pole dancing group in the same light as I do a Christian motor cycle group or diet club. It’s a group of people with like interest who choose to fellowship around the name of Jesus. I don’t ride a motor cycle either, but I know many wonderful Christians that do.
    We all do not have the same interests, but we that call ourselves Christians, all serve the same God. God gives each of us an abundance of grace. Can we not also give grace?

  • Crystal Deans

    Unfortunately, many of you seem to be listening with your eyes and ears, not your hearts. For if you had bothered to listen to what I previously said with your hearts, you would have heard the TRUTH. I did not intend for this to ever hit the news, or go global. I wanted to get a group of WOMEN together, AFTER church, for a free class to get fit and connect with one another on a spiritual level. Connecting with others is very important when it comes to following Christ. It is a fellowship of believers. I am NOT going to hell, because I know Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and I could never do anything that would make me worthy of His sacrifice, yet he did it anyway. We are not sexual in this class and we are not following satan. To judge the way that a lot of you seem to be doing makes no sense. God is everywhere. In strip clubs, in exercise facilities, everywhere! Everything we do should be for God. There is no dancing involved at my studio, except maybe at the bachelorette parties, which helps promote a healthy sexual relationship between spouses, which the bible encourages. If you are asking yourself if I am the owner of the studio in question, the answer is yes! This is not a business gimmick. In fact, I have lost business because of it, which is fine. I have also built a very strong Christian clientele that encourage one another and that have gotten extremely involved in the community. Plain and simple, if you don’t like it, don’t come to the class. But please don’t sit back and give your opinion as to whom will be going to hell. We all have our cross to bare, and every single one of you have done things that some would say you are going to hell for, but we don’t know the entire story.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jocie

    Hmmmmm….. I can honestly relate to both sides. I see how many can feel that this is a pure sign of the ends of times and that these women are going to hell BUT I also see their point of view. I can not see it becoming mainstream but I really get their point. There are many people that when they come into our beloved sanctuaries are made to feel less than worthy by the condesending pharisees and sadducees that fill our so-called houses of worship. They often leave without ever knowing the true love of Christ. What it took to get our forfathers and mothers into the church is not going to work these days and times. I am in no way saying conform BUT we have to be life applicable. I can not understand for the life of me why so many believers can have the audacity to point fingers!!!!!! It appears that these individuals have selective memory. Let them worship…If their hearts are pure, the closer they get IN a RELATIONSHIP and WALK with Christ, the light of His glory will illuminate the dark recesses of their heart and bring them true liberty….. In closing…. Im gonna do what Jesus did…. stoop down and start writing on the ground before all you accussers out there……

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment NAS

    GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995) Romans 14:13
    “So let’s stop criticizing each other. Instead, you should decide never to do anything that would make other Christians have doubts or lose their faith.”

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Nadira

    How is their pole dancing ministering to others? If something is a distraction to others when worshipping, it best you leave it out! It is not my religious attitude that thinks this is wrong, Biblically you don’t need anything to feel closer to God, but open heart and mind, “we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth” John 4:24. We use things to usher us into His presence, but they are not necessities. My thing is, if you know God called you to get on the pole then there is no need to justify it or argue about it, but every time you look up they are trying defend this or that new ideal and it’s distracting for unbelievers about our ability as Christians to be united. In certain countries marijuana is not illegal and they also use it as a way to feel closer to God too, does that make it right?!? Hey, it doesn’t say not to “smoke weed” in the bible, but it does say in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 “To abstain from the appearance of evil” KJV

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment dvanilla

    Sadly, this is there own agenda God do not say in His word to do this. I find it offensive and un-holy to God anyone would offer them selves to Him in such manner. God sees everything we does and we will have to answer to it before Him. Some people want attention and try to start a trend of things.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Chele

    How can a sexual act in any way be for God? These woman are trying to get publicity for this, so that people will come to see them out of curiosity. SIN IS SIN! This should never have been put on this site to begin with. To give them right when they are doing something so wrong is just going to make them and others like them try to see how far they can push the next issue. We live in a sick world as it is: leagalized abortion, same sex marriage, now this. PLEASE – keep this site clean for those of us who try not to be “of this world”. God bless!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Barb myles

    They need help, simple and plain. How in the world can you justify pole dancing saying it is for Jesus. Are they dancing to Christian music? I can’t fathom on a pole dancing for God. Can He get the glory out of something that originated and still takes place in strip joints? OMG. Satan and his imps are having a hey day over this one. The word of God says hell has enlarged it’s gates and I am sure we all know why. Being santified means “set apart.” This is surely not a way of being set apart for God’s Glory. God’s word has not changed and will not change. He says, we must be holy and that settles it. All of this in-between mess has to stop. The church world is simply polluted..back out dresses, mini skirts, tight jeans, daisy duke shorts, and no one says anything about it. Our hearts need purged.. Where are the prayer warriors at? Come let’s pray right now!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Barb

    This is totally riduc. how in the world can pole dancing for edifying for Christ? Everyone associates pole dancing with strippers and clubs and nudity. That would be like someone who was an alcoholic coming to church and we are drinking wine and eating cheese saying it is to God’s glory. I tell you the devil has simply crept into the church world and we have opened up the door for him to walk on in. We now wear back out dresses, micro mini dresses, daisy dukes, tight jeans, halter tops and say, come as you are. I could go on and on but God is the judge and trust me, He is not pleased. Why is it that the church can’t get it’s power back? Uhmmm..

  • Crystal Deans

    I have to say, I am honestly surprised that people are still talking about this. I will tell you Ibolya, I am very involved in the community. I have sponsored a family in Guatemala for 2 years now, I just finished volunteering for VBS at my church, I just did a fundraiser AT the studio for Juvenile Diabetes Research, my family is volunteering to help hand out backpacks full of school supplies to needy children, and I plan on going on a mission trip to Honduras with my husband and church later this year. In addition, my teenager has volunteered for many of these same things and I have given my church the idea to start a ministry team for teen mothers, pregnant teens, and those at risk of becoming one of the previously mentioned. I also gave them the idea of starting a ministry for war vets. There are a lot of people out there that need to hear the word of God, including women that take pole FITNESS classes in a PRIVATE gym with ONLY WOMEN. I know, hard to believe. Many people do things in their lives that make them feel that they can’t be loved by Jesus, but the bible teaches us that Jesus loves everyone and that He is everywhere, including strip clubs, brothels, our homes and in times and places of war. Many people do not understand why I did what I did, and they don’t know what is in my heart. By the way, pole did NOT start in strip clubs. Chinese and Indian men have been doing it for thousands of years and it is a great form of fitness. It is being entered into the 2012 Olympics in London as an exhibition sport. I am a firm believer that someone who feels good about themselves is going to be happier and have a more open heart to Truth and the love of Jesus Christ. It is my job to serve to live a life of service to God, and that is what I will do, no matter what I am doing. It just so happens that I am great at building relationships with these women and ministering to them while we get into great physical shape. One last thing, this is not about religion, religion doesn’t bring salvation, Jesus does.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ibolya

    I am not for the ladies either. Go out and save the homeless, work in your community to help children adjust to broken marriages, take food to shut ins, drive people to a doctors office. I have simple thought…pole dancing to Christian Music? Like playing Amazing Grace in your bedroom as background music after a long romantic dinner.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment michaeldee

    having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof… pole dancing was born of and can only be associated with stripping, adultery, fornication, lewdness, sensuality, sin, etc. yet another thread woven into our thinking that this can be Holy and acceptable before God. not saying these women are not Godly but ‘wake the you know what up’. i used to think that todays paradigms could allow Christians to be sanctified yet without conforming. baloney! not possible! look how the so called Christian hip hop and Jesus heavy metal culture have helped us(?). We’ve erred in defining Godliness and are reaping the whirlwind for sowing bad seed. there is little power and presence of God in our churches and lives today. testimonies are far and few between, superficial worship of God. the uncircumsied are controlling us. the enemy has broken down the gates, entered our land and we don’t even realize it. we’ve surrendered without a fight. the power of God changes the world for better, this won’t help God’s people grow spiritually. distractions of this sort fuel our lust, pride and destruction. God forgive us, all we like sheep have gone astray.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Debra Herring

    This is a sign of the times where wrong is right and right is wrong. If we aren’t watchful and prayerful, even the very elect will be deceived.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jonathan Myers

    Hmmmm, this is a real tricky one. I guess it’s one of those things I feel that I would have to see to actually judge. On one hand, this might be something to help pull some of the girls out of the bars and into the church, and that would be a good thing. It ‘s seems to me that what they are doing is not far from what a ballerina would do with a set of parallel bars. Maybe that would be a better idea, so as not to give people the wrong idea. All in all like somebody mentioned earlier, it’s about what’s in your heart, and not what’s on your dirty little mind. 😉 lol

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ronald

    We ought to judge everything we do in the church by the standard of the word of God.Pole dancing originated in the world, why take something whose orgin is from the world and bring it into the house of the lord and package certain scriptures around it and call it holy.Let’s not forget the story of Aarons 2 sons who offered strange fire before the lord, they thought that was worship too until God showed them better with the lost of thier lives.

  • http://icpd Jonathan N Gardiner

    Interesting story and comments.Who is able to make that which is unclean
    clean? Only God.Whilst these ladies bringing alot of attention to themselves and how one should worship God. I’m mindful of the curse Michal, king David wife received after being despised of his dancing.
    See 2 Samuel 6:14-23.

    I trust and pray that they are doing it with a pure heart.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment kelly

    I agree… being a former POLE Dancer (some 20 yrs ago} it was considered a sin back then and God has always been there, in the bars and places angels feared to tread….I was young and it was before everything got publicized(sp). But I felt ashamed to go to church, because I was doing what I was doing…how can they now say POLE DANCING FOR GOD??? that is a contradiction for those who believe and those who don’t…It is confusing to our children and God is not the author of confusion Satan is.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Susan Gill

    It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths bored, suburban ladies will go to just to be the center of attention. In this case, they are using “pole dancing” a practice with distinctly lewd connotations as a method to “worship” Jesus. If anything reeks of blasphemy it is this assertion. Despite the author’s confidence in their “modest” attire, women writhing on a pole is yet another demonic substitute for true worship. To use the example of David’s dancing before the Lord as an excuse for the behavior is to have missed the point entirely of that passage from the book of Samuel. David’s dancing was significant because it placed him on the same level as his servants. He wanted it to be known that he is no better than they before the Lord in worship. The Texas women ought to know that women dancing alone, as pole dancing reveals, is sinful and certainly making a mockery of worshiping God. Shame on them.

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