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Jenn Baxter is an accomplished writer in Charlotte, NC, who has been published in The Charlotte Observer, Fort Mill Times, Charlotte Five, SOCIETY Charlotte Magazine and Lake Norman Magazine, as well as featured as a columnist on Her freelance clients span across the nation, as well as Australia and the UK, in the fashion & beauty, health & wellness, travel and life coaching industries.

If I told you there was one thing that stood out among everything I’ve done in the last three years to improve my health… one thing that I think everyone should do to improve their health… one thing that I […]

You’re stuck in traffic. You stub your toe on the coffee table. You can’t find your keys and you’re running late. When these little irritants happen to you… how do you react? Do you maintain your composure and remain level-headed? […]

… You know the rest. But even though a straight line might be the shortest distance between two points, it’s not always the best way to get there. When engineers design a highway, especially ones that cross over a mountain […]

When I went on a mission trip to Honduras a few years ago, everyone in my group broke down at one point or another from the emotions they felt about the children and the conditions they were living in. Everyone, […]

I’m not sure where I fall on this whole “like attracts like” thing.  Ya know… the idea that you attract what you think about most.  The theory behind “The Secret” and “vision boards.”  It’s confusing to me because on one […]

If you’ve been reading this column or my blog for any period of time, you’ve probably realized that I love my little “mottos” or catch phrases.  Maybe that’s because I’m a writer, I’m not sure.  But I love when a […]

Recently, while reading a book called “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame), I came across an explanation of fear that I absolutely LOVED. She describes fear as your ever-present buddy that always goes along for the […]

Generally speaking, I’m not an avid watcher of TV preachers.  Not because I think they are all evil swindlers out to get my money.  In fact, I think there are a few that are quite inspiring.  But I usually only […]

  The other day, I was driving in my car by myself when the song, “Let it Go” from the Disney movie, Frozen, came on the radio.  Yes, I of course, belted it out at the top of my lungs […]

Yesterday was a bit of an “off” day for me. It had started the night before.  First, while sitting up in bed reading, I had a daddy long legs walk across my arm and I FREAKED OUT.  Did I mention […]