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While I was at lunch yesterday with a friend, she made a comment that stuck with me.  We were talking about a situation with my tiny house that was causing me some stress and anxiety, when she said… The situation […]

How many times have you said “I wish there were just a few more hours in the day”… “I need more days in the week!”… or “If only I could clone myself…” I know I’ve said one of those things […]

Since I decided not to have cable TV in my tiny house, I have been using Hulu for my nightly relaxation/entertainment.  And since Hulu has all of the “old” shows on it… I recently found myself watching Felicity over again […]

This morning, on the two year anniversary of my mom’s passing, I was laying in bed in the loft of my tiny house.  From that angle, I can see straight across the top of the house to the storage loft […]