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Have you ever done a Google search that starts with a question like “where is…”, “when will…”, “why am…” or “how do…”? You can be searching for the answer to something pretty innocent like where is the closest ATM or […]

I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a daredevil.  But I wouldn’t say that I’m a pansy either.  I like to think that I fall somewhere right in the middle of that spectrum. I enjoy riding on roller coasters.  I’ve done a […]

Tonight I decided to take an impromptu hike with my dogs at the state park.  I had a long, stressful day and was ready to just be outside, get some fresh air and get the pups out of the house.  It […]

When you hear the word “hoarding,” you probably get a vision of a room filled with random junk from top to bottom, side to side, with barely enough space for a person to walk through.  But even though most of […]

When I go back and look at photos from certain periods of my life, I can see something in them that’s no longer present in my life now.  No… it’s not an old haircut or an out-of-date outfit that I’m glad is […]