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July 2015 Archives

Recently, I’ve had several different people in my life say the same thing to me… “You are being so much more patient (and/or nice) about this whole thing than I would be.” The “this thing” that they are referring to is […]

The last two months have been a little chaotic to say the least.  After running into issues with my tiny house, I haven’t been able to live in it full time yet.  Which means I’ve been a nomad… traveling between […]

The image is clear yet romantically fuzzy in my mind.  Me in a long, flowing dress… walking through a beautiful field of wildflowers.  The sun shining down on me while the wind blows gently through my hair.  I feel as […]

  This year, I made the rather major decision to get rid of 80% of my belongings and move into a 144 square foot “tiny house.”  There were several reasons for the change – having less “stuff,” the flexibility of […]

It’s been snowing like crazy for the past month.  No, we are not having some weird sort of weather phenomenon in North Carolina.  There’s been a figurative snowball rolling down the hill of my life and it’s been gaining speed […]