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A few years ago, I came down with advanced adrenal fatigue.  Or should I say… I didn’t so much “come down with it” as much as I ended up with it.  If you’re not familiar with what adrenal fatigue is exactly, it’s basically when your body gets stuck in “fight or flight” mode.  It can happen for a variety of reasons, but they all usually involve immense and/or prolonged stress on the body.

For me, it was a string of back-to-back traumatic events.  My body never caught a break for several years in a row and as a result, got stuck in emergency mode.  There is no magic pill, however, to treat adrenal fatigue.  It is only healed by making lifestyle changes – one of which, is to minimize stress.

And you know what often goes hand-in-hand with stress?


Worry was pretty much a daily existence for me (and my mother too, who was also a worry-wart by nature).  I would worry about everything under the sun – work, money, my health, my friends, my family, my dogs, the world.  You name it, I worried about it.

I think it was partly just habit (I didn’t know another way of life really existed) and part wanting to remain in control.  That if I just worried about something enough, maybe I could make it go my way.  Or at least not be surprised when it didn’t.

But the reality was, in the end, all it did was make me feel miserable.  And didn’t actually change the outcome of anything one bit.

Thankfully, over time, God has been working diligently to prune this behavior right out of me.  I’m sure I will never be 100% worry-free (but thankfully, I don’t have to be), but I am MUCH better now than I used to be.

And beyond that, I am now finally starting to look forward to things the way God intended me to – with expectation, not worry.

See, expectation and worry are basically the same thing (or at least first cousins) – they both look forward to things that actually haven’t occurred yet.  But, while worry focuses on all the worse-case scenarios that could happen, expectation focuses on all the amazing things that could happen and the blessings that God may send into your life.

Expectation is about waiting with hope, gratitude and joy.

And the best way to enter into a state of expectation is to exit out of worry.

So, how do you do that?

You put life back into God’s hands, where it belongs.  You remember, that no matter what happens, He is with you.  And you remember that worry, in and of itself, actually does nothing to change a situation.

It’s time to stop wallowing in worry and despair and start living with hope and expectation.  “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2 Timothy 1:7 ESV).

We have to learn to intentionally control our own thoughts (with the help of the Holy Spirit) and keep them rooted in truth, power, love and faith.

And, because it is impossible to worry and pray at the same time… we need to remember to always pray.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).


A couple years ago, I remember looking at the Instagram account of a fairly “famous” woman and thinking to myself that I wanted to be like her.  Not because of how she dressed or wore her hair, but because of how she expressed herself on her feed.  Yes, she had some selfies and random pictures of her dog or her friends.  But, a good portion of her feed was full of inspirational quotes and Bible verses.  Even though I didn’t know this person “in real life,” I felt like I could feel her faith and love for God just jumping off the page.  I remember thinking I wanted to be like that, but not on purpose.  I didn’t want to just jump back over to my account and start posting all these Bible verses to intentionally be like her.  I just wanted to be like her.

Fast forward a couple years and the craziest thing has happened… I have become like her.  Again, not in a superficial way.  We are still different people with different tastes, different interests and different appearances.  But that thing that I so longed for… that thing that jumped off her feed all that time ago… I now have it.  And it’s simply an authentic and overwhelming love for God.  Turns out, I didn’t even have to worry about becoming something I wasn’t… all I had to do was seek Him and fall in love with Him.  And in the process, He changed me.

And it’s not the only way He’s changed me.  I also remember desperately wanting peace.  I envisioned it as me running through a field of wildflowers without a care in the world.  Cheesy I know… but the idea was to be so relaxed, so carefree that I just floated through life.  Now, even though I can’t say that I’m all the way there, I am a lot more peaceful than I used to be.  And again, it happened without me even really noticing it was happening!

Because as I leaned more on God, trusted more in Him and surrendered more to Him… the peace just came as a result.  He has been stripping away the worry, the stress, the indecision and the doubt, so that what was there along – the peace – actually has a chance to shine through.

And the same is true for all of us.  We don’t need to spend endless amounts of time and energy worrying over things we want to change about ourselves or trying to strive for some perfect “ideal” that we think we need to achieve.  All we have to do is fully and earnestly seek Him.  To fall totally in love with Him and give Him the very best of ourselves.  And He will take care of the rest.

He will transform you, He will grow you and He will change you… all, when you’re not even looking.

SW_Aaron Arogones

Headlights on a car only illuminate approximately 150 feet in front of a car.  That means when we are driving at night, we are assuming that the road will continue beyond that and we are putting our entire faith and security in that assumption.

Recently, while driving back to NC from the mountains of VA, I had to cross a large mountain range that was fully encompassed in fog.  The variable speed limit signs had been reduced to only 30 mph and cars and trucks all around me drove with their hazard lights flashing as they proceeded with caution.  It was a very precarious trip to say the least.  But instead of driving with my hands tightly gripping the wheel, I remained relaxed and trusted that as long as I kept moving – slow and steady – everything would be okay.

And God took that opportunity to remind of the very same thing, except on a much larger scale.

See, I, like many people, like to plan ahead.  I like to be in control, to know what’s coming.  And God has been working overtime to break me of that habit.  Because the truth is, we don’t need to know all the how’s, when’s and why’s.  All we need to do is stay in God’s will, trust that He knows best and that all His plans are for our good, and keep moving forward.

He reminded me that day on the mountain, that I don’t need to know what’s coming up tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year.  All I need to do is focus on that 150 feet in front of me – today – and take the very next step.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And as I continue to take that next step, He will continue to go before me as I take the next step and the next…

God has already gone before you.  He knows what lies ahead.  And He will prepare you with whatever you need before you get there.

Just keep going.

On another day, on another road (what can I say… God likes to teach me while I’m driving), God spoke to me again.

I was sitting at a red traffic light, watching an old pick-up truck make a left turn from a perpendicular street.  It was pulling a large washer and dryer that appeared to be barely holding on to a small wooden trailer by one thin bungee cord.  But the driver seemed to be without a worry in the world, as he swiftly turned left and immediately accelerated down the road in front of me.

I had the thought, “Wow, He sure has a lot of faith in that little bungee cord!”

To which God suddenly replied, “If you have that kind of confidence in Me, you can move quickly too.”


He sure knows how to drive home a point, doesn’t He?

I had been struggling with putting my entire faith in Him.  With fully letting go of my controlling tendencies and putting every last part of my life entirely in His hands.  But it wasn’t until that moment did I realize what a disservice I was doing to both myself and Him.

When we hesitate to trust, when we hold back on our faith… we prevent ourselves from being able to move forward in God’s plan for our lives.  We don’t receive God’s best for us and instead, get stuck in worry, fear and passivity.

Like the driver of that little truck – we need to have faith and know that God has us.  So we can then move forward with full confidence, faith and courage.

Because the truth is, God is in control.  And we are safe in His hands.

When you were young, your parents probably taught you to watch what you said – don’t say “bad” words, don’t call your brother or sister stupid and definitely don’t ever talk back to them.

But as adults, we need to watch our words in an entirely different way.

Often, when speaking about an issue or condition, we will say “my.”  Even if it’s not something we want or enjoy.  Things like “my anxiety,” “my weight problem,” “my depression” or “my addiction.”  It’s most likely not even something you do consciously, but just a knee-jerk reaction.  You’re the one dealing with it… so of course you should say “my” when speaking about it right?


Words have a lot of power, so it’s important to watch your words and not take ownership of something that you don’t want to continue!  Just because you are or have dealt with an issue does not mean it is part of your identity.  You may be struggling with anxiety or depression but it is not yours.  It does not belong to you.  And it is NOT who you are.

Our words lead to thoughts which lead to emotions which lead to behaviors and beliefs about ourselves.  You may think it doesn’t matter how you speak, but it does.  Because even if you’re not paying attention, your sub-conscience is.  If it hears you referring to an issue, a bad habit or even a disease as “mine” over and over again, it will incorporate that into your consciousness!  And before you know it (and usually without even realizing it), you will believe THAT is who you are.

I used to do the same thing when I would refer to the anxiety and panic attacks I used to suffer from.  Or even when I would refer to bad habits like indecisiveness or running late.  Until I realized the power of my own words.  Yes, there was a time that I struggled with anxiety, but it was never an actual part of who I am.  Which means it was never “mine.”  Same with the bad habits… if I am constantly saying “my indecisiveness” or “my tardiness,” then I am taking ownership of something that I want to change.

You can still acknowledge the issues and talk about them when needed, but make sure you do it with more general words like “a/an” or “the.”

Perhaps even more important, is watching your words when referring to labels that others have tried to put on you.  Just because a negative friend or family member unloaded their issues on you and called you lazy, stupid or incapable, does NOT mean that you are.  So don’t take those labels on as your own!

Be mindful of what you take ownership of and how you talk to yourself.

Remember, the inner YOU is always listening… so watch those words!