A Simple Life, a Childlike Faith
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During the time that my husband was slowly slipping into heaven, I wrecked my car three times.  Each accident was a simple fender crusher; and they were my fault.  Nevertheless, the cost of the repairs was thousands of dollars.  It […]

When we are met head on by our mistakes, it is sometimes impossible to pick up and resume “just like nothing happened,” especially when we must admit that we have hurt a dear friend.   Even though I deeply hurt a […]

Learning God’s lessons may be hard; but His ways are always worth the effort.  

What’s stealing your joy?  Bev Linder shares a piece from her life and journal that will brighten your day.  

It is true that God works in mysterious ways.  However, some of the holiest things should be kept to ourselves.  There is such a thing as sharing too much information.  Here is a news stories that perhaps should have stayed […]

I still work with our DeLand program which meets the first Thursday of each month. In February as I drive south on I-95 back from DeLand Special Gathering, my van was filled with a wonderful odor. At first, I could […]

It’s a guy thing.  I’ve never quite understood most of this passage of scripture found in John 21. You remember the incident that happened after Jesus’ resurrection.  First, the breakfast on the beach.  I think Jesus  invented going out to […]