A Simple Life, a Childlike Faith

A Simple Life, a Childlike Faith

Oops! wrong info about your cell phone number

Thanks to several readers, I’ve been informed that this is wrong information.  This was given to me by a friend who usually checks Snopes before she passes things around.  Additionally, I try to always verify information.  This time I failed to do my own research.  Sorry about the mistake!

Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month.

REMINDER….. all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.


To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.  It is the National DO NOT CALL list It will only take a minute of your time… It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON… It takes about 20 seconds.
Please forward to family and friends.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cynthia

    so can I call this 1 888 382 1222 or not to stop the calls

    • Linda G. Howard

      Yes. If you call the number, it will stop the call unless your calls are being forwarded from another phone. Then you will need to address the issue through the other phone lilne.

  • http://It'sallwrong Helen

    It is not fair that we as cell phone user’s cannot have our private momuments without running into telemarketing and then goig to be charged a fee for something we didn’t ask for it’s all wrong.

    • Linda G. Howard

      Sorry, Helen. I had several readers telling me that this information was incorrect. I didn’t do due diligence and check out my information.

  • Ken

    This is an unfounded story, been going around since 2004…

    • Linda G. Howard

      Thanks, Ken. Sorry for the mistake. I hope my correction will help.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Doug Foote

    A hoax regarding telemarketing companies being allowed to call wireless (cell phone) numbers starting on a specific date has been circulating for several years starting back in 2004 and pops up about every 6 months or so. Well, it has popped up again and is coming from a seemingly reliable source, Beliefnet. The problem is that Beliefnet did not check out the information first before spreading this nasty rumor and hoax causing panic with wireless users.

    The hoax’s wording is basically, “Effective (put in any date you want) all cell phone numbers will be made available to telemarketing companies. This means that on (put in any date) your cell phone will start ringing with telemarketing calls. To stop this, call the “Do Not Call List” from you cell phone and get it registered immediately so that telemarketing companies can’t call your cell phone. You can also register on line at”

    Registering a cell phone on the “Do Not Call List” is worthless because telemarketing businesses are banned by a 1986 Telecommunications Federal law in contacting any wireless device. The fine is $5000 per voice call. They can’t even send a text message without your permission. Verizon Wireless won a law suit a few years ago in New York against a telemarketing company for sending unsolicited text messages to Verizon customers on the East Coast. The company settled with Verizon for over $1.5 million. The FCC has also now stated that numbers registered anytime will never expire, so you don’t have to re-register your phone numbers.

    The whole thing started when a “411” directory of cell phone numbers was proposed back in 2005, but never started. This was to be an “Opt IN” directory and not available to the general public in print or over the Internet. It was to be used only by the by 411 operators and you would have to call the specific carrier to get the phone number. So far, this directory has not seen the light of day and probably won’t due to legislation in many states prohibiting the listing of wireless phone numbers anywhere.

    To verify that this is a hoax go to:

    There is a caveat, however. If someone decides to drop their land-line and port that land-line number to their cell phone (change the cell phone number to their land-line number), then they are opening themselves up to the telemarketers because their wireless phone no longer has a wireless prefix which the telemarketers have on their “Do Not Call” lists. A telemarketer has no idea, at that point, that they are calling a wireless device and they legitimately think they are calling a land-line number thus removing the penalties. If you “call forward” your land-line to a call phone then the same applies. Moral is: Don’t port your disconnected land-line number to a wireless phone. You are then “open game” for the telemarketers. Keep you cell phone number and forget your old land-line number if you shut it off. (You also won’t be listed in the phone book either for better privacy.)

    Beliefnet. STOP spreading nasty rumors!!

    • Linda G. Howard

      Sorry, don’t blame BeliefNet. It was my responsibility to check this out and I didn’t. Thanks for the corrections.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lola Short

    I am tired of unwanted phone calls,and want it stoped.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Julie

    All my hoax sites say this is mostly false? Though you can add your cell phone to the “Do not call” list.

    • Linda G. Howard

      Thanks. You are correct. I just didn’t do my own research.

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