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Alone, I left the event which our members and I had attended. I was once again saddened that there are so many mentally challenged people who live in our community who are still unchurched.  We were all attending a fall […]

A Thankful Response At 40 years old, Brenda Solomon got pregnant with Lon and Brenda’s fourth child. Thrilled, their baby girl, Jill, was born beautiful and perfect.  At three months old, however, Jill began to seizure.  Quickly, the malady turned […]

Nancy’s voice was sorrowful, “Linda, can we have lunch?  I just want to be sure things are all right with you.”  She is a friend and a fellow pastor. Nancy, also a recent widow, has called me several times since […]

My sister, Ferne, has three great-grandchildren.  They are the offspring of her two granddaughters. I am looking forward to a visit from two of the babies and their mother this next week.  Several months ago, my husband and I had […]

Perhaps like you, I received an e-mail that contained some great little, humorous sayings, such as, “Don’t let your worries get the best of you.  Remember, Moses started out as a basket case.”  I printed them out. After picking them up this morning, […]

Perhaps one of the hardest things to keep in balance when you are faced with interruptions in your life are your healthy and eating habits.  Susan Brown, BeliefNet author, recently went through such a time. Ms. Brown spent days at […]

Some say he could be one of the wealthiest men in the county.  His mother died about 10 years ago.  He has a beautiful home and a new car. This man has plenty of money.  There are two bankers and two lawyers […]

We recently got a kitten, and my biggest fear was that he would not use his litter box, but have “accidents” all over the house (we’ve had kittens before so we know the dangers!) Happily, he took right to the […]

Tomorrow I’ll spend the last day with my grandson and his fiancee before he goes back to Alaska where he is stationed.  This was his pre-deployment vacation and I’m so honored that he wanted to spend it here with me. […]

The first time I saw Dolores Norley was at an annual meeting of ARC in Daytona. I was impressed by how friendly she was and by her small frame and by her extremely large pocketbook.  I’d been told for several years […]