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Steve Brown, a Christian radio commentator, explained that his mission in life is to watch out for cliff jumpers.  He said that he stands at the edge of a cliff every day and warns people not to jump off into the abyss.

Steve Brown

However, day after day, hour after hour, people listen to his warnings; and then they jump off the cliff into grave danger.  Then, he reported, that after warning others, he, also, leaps off the cliff flailing into the depths of danger himself.

In contrast, Brown gives the good news. There is hope after jumping off this cliff.   Jesus loves cliff jumpers.  He forgives and heals them with his love. Brown said that even though he is standing at the bluff’s top warning, Jesus is at the bottom ready to redeem our mistakes.

Of course, Brown was talking about humankind’s bent on sin.  No matter how many times we are warned or how many times we warn others, we run headlong over the craggy precipice of wrongdoing into despair and pain.

I shamefully related to what Brown was sharing.  Yesterday, I was offended by a woman who was gossiping about a mutual friend.  As gently as I could, I tried to moderate her conversation.  I felt I could help her by diverting her talk from the sin that was spewing out of her mouth.  Nevertheless, within the hour, I heard my own tone change as I told her family about an incident I had experienced that day.  Trying to keep my heels from skidding off the cliff, I had an interesting experience as I watched myself jump over the cliff into the pit of gossip.

Is there a remedy for this dire circumstance?  There are a actually two answers.  No.  We are born with a fallen nature that chooses to sin whenever we get the chance.  Even those of us who are redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus, we join Paul pleading, “O wretching man that I am.  Who can redeem me from myself?”

Yet, that isn’t the full answer to the question:  Is there a remedy for this dire circumstance?  The other answer is yes.  Jesus is always there ready to forgive again and again.  Additionally, the Holy Spirit patiently teaches us and disciples us into the likeness of Christ.

Cliff jumpers are much more common than many of us realize.  However, the gentle Cliff Catcher is also much more forgiving than we can ever imagine.

Have you found yourself jumping off a cliff into sin, immediately after warning others to stop?

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