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Often I edit my blog entries eliminating the unnecessary words.  When teaching writing skills or attending a writer’s conference, I will say or hear said, “In writing, less is more.” Last Thursday, as I looked into the eyes of one of […]

If you are reading this, you have probably thought at some point in your life.  I can write better than this and I actually have something to say.  While the number one fear in the U.S. is public speaking, my […]

Outreach of  the Islamic community to the Islamic community is the third pillar of Islam.  For the Muslim, the Zakah, which is the name for their charitable donations, is to fulfill a compulsory act of worship.  Each Muslim is expected to pay […]

 Education is an area in which the religious community has excelled. Reaching back through thousands of years of history, the Jewish community has been known as People of the Book.  Their need to read and understand the Torah and their […]

 Again and again the population of of the US votes with their pocketbook in favor of the good works done by organizations such as the Salvation Army.  Each Christmas generous shoppers plunk coins, bills and checks into the Salvation Army […]

At times we need to remember that the modern Civil Rights Movement did not begin in a fashionable salon where artists and intellectuals exchanged ideas, but in a Church, under the leadership of the Rev. Martin Luther King.  In fact, […]

When I was a little girl, I would watch as the offering plate was passed over me in church.  In the church where I attended, we put in our offerings during Sunday school. As I watched it pass over my […]

by Kevin Fowler Walterboro, South Carolina Mr. Fowler is a member and deacon of our South Carolina Special Gathering located in Walterboro.  A life-time resident of Walterboro, Fowler is also a member of The Special Gathering choir.  A wheelchair or demon […]

For almost a year, I thought Peter was non-verbal.  Unaccustomed to his speech patterns, I didn’t understand that his low-bass mumbles were words.  I had started our DeLand Special Gathering program, which is a ministry within the mentally challenged community, with two […]

In the 1950’s, my mother spent hours in prayer for our nation.  As she vacuumed, washed dishes or worked in her garden, she would weep for the US and her people.  I believe it was the prayers of my mother […]