A Simple Life, a Childlike Faith

A Simple Life, a Childlike Faith

20 ways to save gas in your car

posted by Linda G. Howard

Are you worried about the price of gasoline?  Of course, you are.  All of us are eager to save gas in our cars and, thereby, save money.  It has now stopped being an environmental thing.  Every person and family is being hurt each time we pull up to the gas pumps.

No matter what you may feel about the current environmentalist movement, the Bible is not silent regarding the environment.  In fact, the Old Testament Law is full of warning regarding the care of the earth.  Therefore, I am careful to discover and practice ways to save, recycle and reuse.

Saving gasoline is no exception.  Because I’m on the road a lot, I’ve tried to discover ways to minimize my refilling bill.  Here are 20 proven tips that will save you money and help to use less of that “black gold.”

  1. Drive a smaller car or vehicle that has higher MPG.  Newer cars are more efficient in their gas mileage.  However, you won’t save money to purchase a car that you don’t need only because you will get better gas mileage.  There are others ways to save on gas.
  2. Slow down on the highway.  Going between 55 to 65 MPH will save as much as 15 percent in your gas mileage.
  3. Push the gas pedal as though there were a raw egg between your foot and the  petal.  Aggressive driving burns gas unnecessarily.
  4. Use the auto recommended grade of motor oil.
  5. Do not carry extra weight in your truck or the backseat of your car.  It is surprising how much these extra pounds take away from your gas efficiency.
  6. Car pool when and where possible.
  7. Get your car engine tuned regularly.  Many auto manufacturer recommend every 3,000 miles. However, other recommend 6 to 7,000 miles.
  8. Keep your tires well-inflated.
  9. Avoid idling your vehicle.  Turn it off whenever possible.  Additionally, take your car out of gear while waiting at a light.
  10. Use overdrive, if possible, as soon as you are at the proper speed.
  11. Turn off your air conditioner below 50 miles per hour.  Roll down your windows or use your recirculating fan.  However, after 50, it is more efficient to use your a/c.  (Note from LGH:  In Florida, I don’t intent to follow this rule unless I’m dead broke.)
  12. Park your car in the shade with your windows slightly vented, if possible.  This will help in cooling down your car once the engine is started.
  13. Check your car’s manual for the grade of gas to use.  Only 5 percent of cars recommend using a higher grade than regular gas.
  14. Consolidate your errands.  Do more than one task in a car trip.
  15. Find the cheapest gas in town (or your area) and purchase it.
  16. Tighten up your gas lid.  Turn it at least six clicks when you are closing it.
  17. Don’t top off your gas tank.  Additional gas will slop around or seep out.  You are wasting money, paying for gas your car won’t use.  
  18. Park your car in your garage.  Your garage will keep your car warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you the expense of cooling or warming it.
  19. Brake your car carefully.  The automobile uses the most gas when it accelerates.  A moving car doesn’t require as much gasoline to keep it moving.  Therefore, try to keep your ride smooth and brake only when needed.
  20. Take off ski, bicycle, and luggage racks.  They cause more drag than you can image.  Removing them can help you save gas and money.

It’s true that many of these tips are common sense.  However, I’m not a mechanic and these simple tips are comforting to me because these are practical things that I can follow.  Additionally, I don’t follow all of them.  Therefore, I’m wasting the precious resources that God has given to us.  What are some of the things you do to save gas?

(Many of these tips were gleaned from opentravelinfo.com, willyoujoinus.com, gasonomics101.com, and saveyourgasmoney.com)

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