Science and the Sacred

On April 28th, The BioLogos Foundation celebrated the launch of its new website (
with an evening event held in Washington DC.  As described in Tuesday
night’s presentations, as well as yesterday’s inaugural blog entry, the
original inspiration for was to provide responses to the
most frequently asked questions about science and faith.

first of these entries gives a brief description of the BioLogos
perspective, and its differences from Intelligent Design and Young
Earth Creationism.  Where Intelligent Design argues that biological
evolution is scientifically challenged, and where Young Earth
Creationism argues that the book of Genesis must be interpreted as a
scientific textbook, BioLogos sees no reason to believe that the
findings of modern science are incompatible with a theistic worldview.
 To read more about BioLogos, and to take advantage of the website’s
many resources, visit us as


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