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First of all, I don’t have multiple personalities, but we all have different aspects that sometimes seem to fade away over time.   Maybe you have had a Petty Betty inside yourself too? I noticed myself being petty about something for […]

Have you ever fallen into the “Nice Girl” trap? Do you feel like when you ask for what you want, you’re selfish? Do you feel like when you set boundaries, you seem to come off mean? Do you have a […]

1. Make your world more beautiful with your vibe and you will see a more beautiful world. 2. If you want things to change, you must do-think-feel things differently. 3. Stay in the heart. All wars originate in the mind. […]

Setting boundaries and saying no has never been my strong suit.  My mid-thirties have made it abundantly clear I need to.  I’m learning how to do it assertively.  How many women can relate to this? I just posted something on […]

What do you feel? Check in with yourself and take inventory.  Look around and take stock.  Your thoughts are like a bunch of papers dropped on your desk daily that you get to file away and keep or discard them.  […]

Okay, this is not a curse. I repeat, this is not a curse. It’s totally a blessing, but. . .it is A LOT to live up to. I was talking to a girlfriend the other day about what we do […]

Or is just me? Starting a writing career means ups and downs, highs and lows, and lots of patience. . .like life. You submit emails to literary agents, pieces for publication, and you put yourself out there in your writing. […]

It is not dangerous. It is not selfish. You will not get a big head, become a narcissist, and lose all your friends. This does not mean you go out and get pedicures and leave your starving kids at home […]