Safe Place with Ruth Graham

I am just back from a beach vacation with my children and grandchildren! We had a great time though the weather didn’t cooperate at all. We had only one good day out of 6 but that didn’t hold us back from fun.

The house we rented was smaller than last year with more bodies in it…a recipe for disaster for sure. But, no, we all got a long – not one cross word! Yes. Lots of chaos, mess and sand – and endless dirty dishes!

The little ones (7-11 yrs.) played well together. The house had a dock on the creek so they caught crabs but let them go. We rented 2 kayaks and had fun with them. My son, Graham, came and we all enjoyed him. He doesn’t usually come but I think even he enjoyed the beach and the kids. I know I LOVED having them all under one roof.

It’s a joy to hear my grown children talking together as adults and friends. I love my sons-in-law as I do my own son. They are terrific young men that face huge challenges. I am proud of them both.

The morning my oldest daughter and her family left, their Black Lab got sprayed by a skunk! But she had no time to wash her. She left her in the care of young man who took great care of her. When they returned they smelled something bad as well as skunk. As they searched of rare smell, they opened the garage to discover the origins. The skunk! It had been trapped in the garage and died! Poor skunk. They had skunk as well as dead skunk smells to contend with. Obviously, they live in the country.

While there I had lunch with precious friends, Tex and Sandy Reardon. He was the Crusade director for my father for 30 + years. Then he directed Ruth Graham & Friends during its best years. She was his “partner in crime.” Dear, dear people. He’s like a father to me. We also visited with one of Noelle’s college friends, sweet lady. One night each couple got to go out on a “date night” while we managed “the herd”. Then I got to go out one evening with my sweet friend, Lydia. So much fun to catch up.

On my drive up to North Carolina to see my father and meet with my ministry board, I stopped off to see my friend, Jane Bateman. So cute and fun. We met each other as speakers at a women’s conference at Gull Lake, MI. and we have stayed heart-friends – though we do not see each other often. And there was a third “girl” at the conference, the soloist, Jenni Rasberry. What fun we had together. Two years ago we had a reunion in Montreat and it was as if we had never parted. Lots of laughter, some tears, prayer, sharing books, insights and joy!

Ruth Graham Ministries held it’s board meeting in Montreat Saturday through Sunday. They hold my feet to the fire, asking hard questions and expecting good answers. I am blessed to have them as partners in this ministry.

I did see my father. The first night I went back to see him he was asleep. I just rubbed his hair back, kissed him and prayed over him. The next morning, it was the same. That night I went in and called his name – he slept on. Before I left, I read Revelation 4 – one of my favorites, to him and prayed. I don’t believe he was aware. He is comfortable and well taken care of by ladies who love him tenderly. He is somewhere between here and heaven. And I have to believe the Lord is sweetly ministering to him in a way we just don’t know. Angels surround him.

It was sad to hear the news about Charlottesville over the weekend. I live 30 minutes – and a world – away. But I was sad. Charlottesville was a sweet little college town but it has changed and this event probably changed us all. It made me ever more aware of the, my, world’s need of the Gospel of Jesus. It is the only remedy for our hurt, anger, resentment, injustice, hate and anger – our, my, sin. Jesus took it all to the Cross.

I am busy now preparing to speak at the Joyce Meyer National Women’s Conference in St Louis on September 23rd. Then Ireland in October. As well as writing a new book.





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