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This morning on one of the Internet news websites – remember I don’t have TV any longer – the headlines were “The Day Laughter Died” and “The Day the Sun Went Dark”. The two reports concerned the death of Jerry Lewis and, of course, the total solar eclipse for a large portion of the US.

It is interesting to me that we have such a US-centric view of the world. If it is happening to us then it is important. If it happens elsewhere it doesn’t grab our attention so much. I guess that’s human nature. I admit, I am the same way. If I stub my toe it hurts. If you stub yours, quit complaining.

But I desire to be a citizen of the globe. I want to see world events and my own neighbors through God’s eyes and have His perspective. He tells me to bear another’s burden; treat them like I want to be treated. He says over and over to strive for justice and care for the poor.

He tells me the world and its interests are passing away. It’s all very temporary. Yet we act as if it is all there is.

How do we correct our thinking? How do we sort out what is important and what is not?

The only way I know is to study God’s Word. He reveals what is important in the long run – obedience to Him. And He has said it quite plainly. “He has told you, O man, what is good: and what does the Lord require of you. But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

Today, when so much is going on in our world, let’s resolve to walk humbly with our God, the Lord Jesus Christ,  work for seek justice and love kindness. We don’t have to make it so complicated. If each of us did our part in our own area of influence…wouldn’t it be a better world until Jesus comes to take us to Heaven. Even so come Lord Jesus!

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