Safe Place with Ruth Graham

Last week, in my post, I said there were only 4 references to the finger of God. But I failed to mention the one that got me thinking about it in the first place!!

I was reading Psalm 8 and came to verse 3, it says, “When I consider Thy heavens and the work of Thy fingers…”

I stopped to think about that: “The work of Thy fingers”. The heavens – all the planets, all the galaxies – ours is just one among billions – were fashioned by God’s own fingers! That is mind-blowing! What kind of fingers can create stars and planets? Not to mention galaxies!

Then consider that you and I are handmade by God, too. The same fingers that formed the universe made a decision before any of it was created, to make you! God Himself chose to make you and put you in your family at this time is history. And when He made you, He gave you a purpose.

Do you know what your God-given purpose is? If not, ask Him to show you you – to reveal it to you in a way you can understand. Then ask Him to help you fulfill that purpose.


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