Safe Place with Ruth Graham

Watching a relay race is always exciting – especially as the runners get ready for the handoff…the first runner has done his best, put all his energy an effort into it, he has practiced for this moment. There were long days of training. Aching muscles. Injuries too numerous to count. The coach’s words. So much sweat. So much aching. So much training. Now it comes to just a few seconds. The second runner sees his teammate heading down the stretch, he remembers what he is to do, his body tenses, he is full of adrenalin, he’s been well-trained for this moment, he partners with his teammate’s pace and then his teammate passes the baton to him. It’s his turn now to carry the baton for the next leg of the race.

I was in New England this past weekend for the Vision New England “Go Conference”. I was blessed by each event – from the music, to the teaching, to the interaction with other conferees… It was a great weekend!

A lot has been said about the younger generation. “Generation X”, “The Me Generation”,”Snow flakes”… And I have certainly seen some “flakes” – young people who seem to have no direction in life, who have an entitlement attitude, who are sloppy in manners and discipline. They are easily influenced by the media and their peers. But I remind myself that the story of their lives is not yet finished.

God has a plan! This weekend I saw sharp, committed, intelligent, articulate, fun, attractive young leaders and I am excited about the future.

It was exciting to see the younger generation taking leadership. I was so impressed with their dedication, transparency, love for Jesus and commitment to the Gospel. We have a great group of young leaders at the grassroots level who are charged and ready! I saw the beginning of the fulfillment of what the prophet said in 3:28, “I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and daughters with prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”

I know I saw only a small number but I believe they are indicative of what’s happening all over the world. God is pouring His Spirit out on young leaders willing to step out courageously to carry the Name of Jesus to the dying and broken world. The Gospel in in good hands.

The devil will do His best to ensnare them. We have already seen some of our younger leaders fall in spectacular ways…let them serve as warnings not discouragement. As part of the “older” generation (Boy! that’s hard to say!) my job is to pray for these young leaders, encourage them and share with them my journey of faith with transparency and grace.

Let’s run the race with them and then hand the baton off. It’s in good hands.


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