Safe Place with Ruth Graham

As Americans, we value, celebrate our independence. I know I certainly do. I am proud to be an American. We are an exceptional country – in all of history. I know it’s not very PC to say these days…

I’m not using the term “exceptional” because of our accomplishments -that would be pride and arrogance. No. We have been blessed by God in remarkable ways. I know there has been the political debate of, “You didn’t get there by yourself.” – people have jumped on that and ridden it in every direction. But the truth is we didn’t get here by ourselves.

Although it isn’t popular to say, America is dependent on God. I think, in the spirit of independence,  we have forgotten that. Our national motto is: “In God We Trust”. We didn’t get to be an independent, free, wealthy, fruitful country by ourselves – God has poured His blessing on this country. Even our independence is given to us by God.

But are we grateful? Are we thankful for His many blessings? Do we praise Him for His goodness to us? Praise and gratitude foster a sense of dependence. We acknowledge that all we are and have has its source in God. We are not our own. We didn’t get here by ourselves.



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