Safe Place with Ruth Graham

I went to the beach last week with my two daughters and 6 grandchildren. (The two oldest grandsons couldn’t come because of jobs and college.) Windsor’s husband came down just for an overnight to surprise their son for his 7th birthday! There was great excitement. But when Windsor and Todd told him he was getting a puppy for his birthday, you would have thought he won the Lottery!

Now…will he feed and walk the puppy? It remains to be seen!

The kids are at a great age where they don’t have to be watched every minute and they didn’t have one cross word between them.

I’d like to share some of my photos! I have more but thought this would be enough – don’t want to bore you! And I still can’t figure out this technology!

I’ve told you many times how much I love the beach and ask God for something special each year. With all the kids, it was a bit chaotic…happy chaos…but God in His goodness gave me clear direction. I am excited about it. It will develop over time.

I visited with some very dear friends. It was good to catch up and learn what they are doing. One is a divorcee who has landed on her feet – I’m proud of her. Tex and Sandy Reardon came down for lunch one day – what  joy to see them! It had been far too long. Years ago we traveled to Australia together – twice!

We’ve been going to this beach for 20 years now so it is familiar and comfortable. But the area is growing so fast it will soon lose its small beach town atmosphere.

God is gracious to allow us this special time together and hopefully we can do it again next year! We’ve made our reservations in anticipation!







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