Safe Place with Ruth Graham

I don’t know about you…but if I hear another poll number I may just scream. We are months away from the election so these polls don’t really mean anything. Many people haven’t decided who they plan to vote for and the way it is all going people may just decide not to vote.

By the way, I think that is an irresponsible decision. We have a great right and privilege to have our voice heard in this county. We are free to vote. I don’t take that lightly. (I know right now it doesn’t seem like our voice makes any difference – but it does.)

How can we forget the elections in Afghanistan. It was the first time they had that freedom and to show they voted the put their fingers in a gentian violet powder which satined their finger purple. They showed off their stained finger – so proud they had voted. No. We can’t take it for granted and if we don’t vote, one day that freedom might be taken from us.

Who to vote for? Well, I think that is a conundrum. There are good and godly people on both side of the aisle. It has been sad to see the ranker and anger boil up on each side. The name-calling! No statesmen. It’s more like watching gladiators being ripped to shreds by lions.

To be very candid…I wish we had term limits.

But that’s for another day…

This morning, I read this and thought I would pass it along. It’s from Justo L. Gonzalez: “Look again at your political commitments. If you belong to a particular party, make sure your loyalty to that party does not lead you to actions and attitudes contrary to your loyalty to God.”

And let’s wait until, at least, after the conventions to decide. Until then PRAY! God’s listening for our prayers. The Bible says He inclines His ear to us. The Great, Almighty, Eternal, Merciful, God is listening.


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