Safe Place with Ruth Graham

The is Memorial Day weekend…we’ll fire up the grill, drink our beer, mow the lawn, have some friends over and enjoy our family.

That’s all good. But while you are doing that don’t forget what this day is all about – remembering. Remembering those that have served our country so selflessly, some giving their lives to protect our freedoms. There are empty places at picnic tables all over this country – hearts aching to see their loved one “jut once more”.

Yes, let’s remember and not take for granted all that we enjoy because someone sacrificed their all for us.

Thank a veteran this weekend. And thank the Lord that we have a free country and patriots who love this land and what she stands for. We don’t have to apologize  – without an America where would the world be? Yes, it is in vogue to list our many failings – and there are – but no other nation can begin to match what America has done for the world. Maybe saying this is not politically correct…I could care less about PC. It has gone beyond the ridiculous.

I am a woman. I am white. I am getting older. I tear up when I sing or hear the nation anthem. I go to the ladies’ washroom and I do not want to find a man in there. I want my grandchildren to learn the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer. I think it is important to post the 10 Commandments on the courthouse wall. I don’t want people rioting the street or attacking the police. I want young men to stand and offer me their seat on a bus or hold the door for me. I like to hear “please” and “thank you”. And I really like it when you add a “ma’m” in there with it.

No I am not PC. But I am sick and tired of the lazy, entitled attitude of many today. I will give respect and ask for it in return. But just because you want soothing and won’t be bothered to earn it does  not give you the right impinge on my freedoms.

And why are Americans tolerating the dismantlement  of our country. Why is my Tide detergent bottle also in Spanish. And why do I have to push any button to hear English? This is America. We used to be a melting pot.

What happened? We began to capitulate and compromise and become afraid. I’m tired of it…

This weekend, I celebrate American heroes. I celebrate the American dream and way of life. I celebrate her great people.

Let’s celebrate before we no longer have our freedoms.


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