Safe Place with Ruth Graham

Well, you have to live under a rock not to know that the new Star Wars, The Force Returns, will come out later this week. People have camped out for weeks at theaters to get a seat with pre-bought tickets. The excitement is at a fever pitch. Why? Perhaps we liked the other movies in this franchise – I think I only saw the first one and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will go see this one when the crowds thin out. Perhaps we are eager for a distraction from the horrible events of this past year. We want to know the good guys to win.

But I read on the Internet that there is a new religion named, “Jedi ism”. I am not kidding! They even have a “church”. They believe in a unifying force that exists within, around and always return to. There is a 10-part training course. They believe the movie, Star Wars, was fictional and meditation is an important element to rid one’s mind of the negative force. Belief in God is optional. They believe in freedom – there no restrictions on your life.

That’s interesting. A man-made religion based on a fictional movie. Wonder if it works for them.

Well, I believe in the good force that created all things (Genesis 1 – 2:7) and by His will we all exist. (Acts 17:24) I believe in the Holy Spirit who lives within, around me (Acts 1:8, Matthew 15:9). There is a training course based on the Bible and it is important to mediate on it day and night. (Joshua 1:8)

The story of the struggle between good and evil is as old as Genesis 3:1. We can certainly see signs of that struggle all around us in today’s world.

I believe in the evil force called Satan. I believe there will be an epic battle between God and Satan. And I know who wins! (Revelation 20:7-10) Defeat of Satan is assured. The victory is ours.  Every wreath, every tree light, every gift, every cookie, every candle, every carol points to the One who defeated Satan. Jesus Christ is Lord. We can start celebrating now!


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