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We are entering a new year. We may have plans, goals, and resolutions but have we stopped to invite God into the process? It is good to plan the year. Ask Him meet us in it – to dwell with us there. That’s not only a good thing but a wise thing to do.

In 2 Samuel 6:12 we read about a man named Edom. The Ark of God was placed in his home, temporarily. While it was there, God blessed him and all he had. Solomon assures us in Proverbs 3:33 that, “He blesses the home of the righteous”. Do we want all God has for us this year and do we want Him to bless all that we do? Let’s ask God into the planning; not wait until we have gotten ourselves into a mess.

So often when we plan we worry and fret over whether we have covered all our bases. Second-guess ourselves. He wants us to quit striving and trying to figure things out. Trust Him. He wants to be in control of the process and planning.

He’s already got plans for this year. His plans are precise – nothing is by accident – and perfect. His ways are good.

Let’s ask God to meet us this New Year in a special way. Let’s make plans as to how we will meet with Him: at what time, morning? afternoon? evening? where? Do you have a cozy, comfortable spot? What will your time look like? (you don’t have to follow some formula from someone else.) Journaling? Reading the scriptures? Studying the scriptures? Praying the scriptures? Praying? What posture? standing…kneeling…sitting…lying down? If you need some ideas there are many good books out now to help with your private devotional time. There are many. Just go to Amazon and type in “Bible devotional” – you will be flooded with titles. Actually, I published a 100 devotional book: Fear Not Tomorrow God, is Already There.

This past year I read through The Chronological Bible. Excellent. Some days the reading was quite difficult but I made it! It was worth it to me and I recommend that Bible or The Daily Walk Bible. God will bless your efforts. And we can rejoice today for the blessing that is already waiting for us in our tomorrow.

Happy New Year!




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