Safe Place with Ruth Graham

God tells us to pray for our enemies. Even to love them. That is impossible on our own.

Seeing the photos and news reports from Paris makes my blood boil and I want to bomb our enemies into oblivion. I want revenge. But that is not God’s way. (Not that there isn’t a time for war.)

But how can we pray for these who seek our destruction? These are people who seek to destroy our civilization, our culture, our faith. First, I think we have to ask God to help us pray for them.

When I pray for them I ask God to expose their plans and they be brought to justice. But lately, seeing the heartless evil they commit, I have begun to pray that someone or some event would show them the love of God. They serve a god who is not personal, never says he loves them, wants them to die for him. How sad.

The Christian God I serve loves me totally and unconditionally. He is desperate for a personal relationship with me. He watches over me. He died a hideously cruel death for me so that I might spend eternity in His presence. How marvelous!

What a contrast.

Perhaps they saw the courage and peace of those Christians lined up on the beach to be beheaded. Perhaps they heard them whisper a prayer. Perhaps it planted a seed in their hearts. Maybe they question if their faith is as real. I don’t know…but I can pray. God is a God of miracles. We can pray for those dear Christians in Islamic countries to be bold in their witness. We can pray for their safety, courage and peace.

Yes, ask God to help you pray for your enemies.


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