Safe Place with Ruth Graham

How far down do we have to go until we feel the wrath of God because of our disregard for the life of the unborn? I’m talking about the culture where baby parts are harvested and sold for huge sums of money. Actions one with purpose and callousness.  It is not someone’s imagination or wild story to whip up public opinion – there is documentation that this activity is real – happening in our country today under the auspices of Planned Parenthood funded with our tax dollars.

It is to be condemned as abhorrent on every level. We will answer to God for this.  The  folks responsible should be held accountable for this heinous activity. I don’t care whether you area Republican or Democrat – this is hideous. It is sin – pure and simple. There is no gray area here.

It’s inhuman. There is no justifiable reason for it – NONE! We used to live in a civilized country. We used to be God-fearing. We used to call people who did such things “savages”. These people are savages.   To pick over an aborted fetus with tweezers in order to find the most profitable parts is unspeakable. What kind of person does such a thing?

I’m not talking about those who have had abortions. I have said many  times and stand by what I have said – that for those broken by their choice to abort a child, there is forgiveness, healing and forgiveness. There is hope. But this is something different.

This is a total callous disregard for the sanctity of life. Every life is sacred. We are made in God’s image for a purpose. Each unborn child has the stamp and fingerprints of God on it. We are tampering with God’s Holy creation. Each life is important and each life matters.

I must admit, I am stunned and disgusted. Please God, forgive us… Or have we gone too far? Judgment is at the door.

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