Safe Place with Ruth Graham

President Obama announced a negotiated deal concerning its nuclear arms with Iran this AM.

With my mind spinning I sat down to spend time with the Lord. As is my custom, I sing a hymn each day…this morning I sang, “May Jesus Christ Be Praised”.

“Does sadness fill my mind? A solace here I find, May Jesus Christ be praised! Or flees my earthy bliss? My comfort still is this; May Jesus Christ be praised! Ye nations of mankind, in this your comfort find, May Jesus Christ be praised.The powers of darkness fear when this sweet chant they hear, May Jesus Christ be praised!”

God is in control and He will have the last word. It matters little what takes place in Vienna or Washington or Tehran. Let’s keep our eyes focused on Jerusalem and pray for her peace – as we are commanded to do. This could very well usher in the return of Christ. Exciting time to live. And if He does soon return may I be found praising Jesus and if He tarries may I still be praising Him.

I imagine all those in Heaven are worshipping and praising the only One who has given us a legacy of peace – true peace. Let’s join our voices to theirs.

And remember the title of my book: Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There. That is rock solid truth.

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