Safe Place with Ruth Graham

I heard on the news this morning that we forgive to be free from the hurt an injury. I heard we forgive because God commanded it. I heard we forgive in order to move on from the tragedy.

All that is true but it isn’t the real reason to forgive. The real reason and basis for forgiveness is to reveal the character of God. God is all about forgiveness – it is His nature. The precious people from the AME in Charleston are showing us an example of the character and nature of God. If ever we saw it on display, it was last night.


But, please let us remember, forgiveness is a process. These folks made the choice to forgive now it has to be worked out and lived. It does not meant they won’t get angry, have feelings of revenge, weep, scream…they most assuredly will. But they won’t stay there. The grieving process will begin. It is messy – even for the Christian. But it is healing.

The pain is real. The loss is immense. The grace of God works in and through it to bring God glory. That is what those precious people did last night – glorify God. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God.



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