Safe Place with Ruth Graham

I heard on the radio this morning that ISIS has taken more Christian hostages in Syria. And the politicians are wringing their hands wondering what should be done.

So much is happening in the world but Monday morning the news broadcasts were filled with news about the Oscars: who won, who wore what, who said what…

Is it the proverbial “whistling in the dark” or the “Ostrich” syndrome? Are we really so shallow?

I did see and hear Melanie Griffiths’ answer when a reporter (although not a journalist) ask her if she had seen her daughter’s movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. She said, “No, I know she is a good actress without seeing that movie.” Good for her. I know I wouldn’t want to see my daughter is such a film. (I haven’t seen it or read the books but I know enough to know to stay away. If the lead actress’ mother won’t go see it, why should I?) I can spot a garbage dump without climbing into it.

I was flipping through the channels to try to find some “hard news” – something of substance. The network morning news shows are not news anymore. Oh they tell pop-culture news but the talking heads are not journalists they are in the entertainment business. There are some

Many of our so-called journalists have proven to be liars. I loved the congressman who apologized for saying he served in the army Special Forces, when he had not. He apologized for “mis-speaking”. That’s the new term for “lying”. He out and out lied – as did NBC’s Brian Williams and CBS’s Dan Rather. Making mistakes is one thing; lying or making something up is quite another.

Just as we no longer have statesman in DC (or very few) we no longer have journalists. Where are the Edward R. Murrows or David Frosts of our day? We are not demanding more so we get less and less. Are we hostages to the lack of critical thinking and lack of hard questions with truthful answers?

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