Safe Place with Ruth Graham

Safe Place with Ruth Graham

Safe in the church??

Speaking of “safe places”…Would you put the fish bowl down on the floor in front of a cat? Would you put a martini in front of an alcoholic?

The Catholic Church has been plagued with scandals of sexual abuse. Young boys have been sexually abused by priests for years. It has nearly torn the Church in two.  It has left the young men confused, scared and living in the shadows – for years. They were horrible crimes against these young people by the ones they were taught to trust. The priests were in a place to teac impressionable minds about the ways and nature of God. Their trust was betrayed.

And now the Pope says he is willing for those with homosexual tendencies to in serve in the priesthood. Does that make sense to you?


He says he isn’t the “one to judge”. He is in a place of authority – he should be, maybe not judging, but discerning what is wise. The whole of catholicism looks to him to have good judgment.  Putting homosexual-oriented men in the priesthood seems very foolish and dangerous to me.

I am not saying that every homosexual priest is a predetor of young men. But it is putting temtpation in the way.

And I understand he is saying men with homosexual tendencies but are celebate and living in purity, should be able to serve. Putting them in the priesthod would seem to me to be very difficult on the men. Like having an alcoholic tend bar. Why do it? Why not allow priests to marry women? (I know the ones with homosexual tendecnies would not want to marry a woman so it doesn’t solve that issue.)


This will have to be handled with great care and wisdom – strict parameters put in place. Something the Catholic Church in recent history has not done well.

I am not being critical of the Church – far from it. But this seems very foolish. Has the agressive homosexual agenda reached into the Vatican? I pray not. Are we letting our culture define our values?



  • steam engine

    To each their own, plain and simple.☝️

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Skylark

    I think you have misinterpreted what Pope Francis has said through the myopic eyes of the media which has frequently misquoted and misinterpreted this Pope who speaks poor English, or not at all, so we are left to the interpretations that the media *wants* to believe. I believe you are wrong when you said this Pope desires to ordain active homosexuals. The Church will not ordain anyone who has these tendencies. Our priests are subject to the same temptations afflicting all men. Because they are close to God and have dedicated their lives to Him most are able to resist these temptations. We know that the Catholic Church has been singled out and given more press about this than all the other institutions dealing with young adults. Not to say it did not happen but the percentages involved were far lower than reported ( less than 1 percent of all priests) and much lower than say, public schools, which get little coverage, mostly covered up by school boards, to avoid lawsuits, etc. I think the title to your
    article most inflammatory and biased. There
    is no safer place for a child on this planet, than the Catholic Church, which has the strictest prevention measures in place of any institution dealing with children. Please get your facts straight when writing for the susceptible public. Thanks!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ann J

    Homosexuality and paedophilia are 2 separate issues. Children are unlikely to be abused by a priest with homosexual feelings whose attraction would be to other adult males not to young children. Obviously vulnerable young men in their mid to late teens might be at risk but hopefully the Bishops would be able to put in some safeguards.

    Sadly paedophilia is found in all denominations and institutions. There is a website called a “Stop Baptist Predators” , which highlights the problem in Baptist Churches and the way in which many Church leaders have failed to safeguard children or prosecute the offenders. I think the same thing has happened within Sovereign Grace Ministries in the USA. Rachel Held Evans has an interview with Boz Tchividjian of GRACE on her blog which deals with the cover up of child abuse in American Churches.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Laura H.

    Heterosexually oriented men are priests, and if they have feelings of temptation when they are in the company of women, they resist any temptation; perhaps pray about it or seek help from the counsel of other priests. I don’t see that there is any great difference if a priest with homosexual tendencies does the same to resist any temptation when in the company of other men.

    What you are referring to is different in that a priest abusing a child–boy OR girl–is a pedophile and should be treated like the criminal he is.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment LJ

    Ms. Graham, I read your opinion piece with interest. I am a married, white, male, Jew and almost 60. I have had positive relationships with Catholics over the years, and my wife is Catholic.
    Sadly, sexual immorality is a behavior that crosses all religious lines. Regardless of ones faith – or even if the person is “not religious” – sexual immorality destroys marriages, families and other relationships on several levels.
    It is my understanding the Torah/Bible and G-d calls on all of us to use our sexuality within the boundaries of marriage. Clearly this is not a universal belief or practice. To expect people to be ethical and moral in their sexual behavior is not an unfair burden. For a Catholic Priest to be chaste and celebate – whether they label their orientation homosexual or heterosexual – is not news. In the Torah and in the Gospels, a fair number of people choose to take vows to not do/not do certain things (drink alcohol, shave, have sex) for varying lengths of time – some life long. They were called Nazirs. For example, it is my understanding many Christians think John the Baptist was a Nazir. I am certainly not a holy person, however, I promised and I am expected to only haves sexual relations with my wife and no one else. Should I break that promise, great destruction will result whether my wife or I is religious.
    I think the more appropriate focus is on living our lives in the most moral and ethical manner as we can and helping others to do the same. And I think that includes praying for Catholic Priest and Nuns.

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